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How can you prevent getting a skin infection when you have eczema?

By Cynthia Bailey MD.

Many people who are prone to eczema are also prone to having the skin infecting germ called "Staph aureus" (dermatologists say they are prone to being colonized by Staph). It's almost like they are custom designed to get skin infections because once they scratch open a wound, the germ moves in and causes impetigo (dermatologists say the atopic dermatitis becomes impetiginized).

How can you prevent getting a skin infection when you have eczema?

One way to lower the population of staph bacteria on your skin is with cool bleach baths. Bleach can be added to the bath several times a week to help kill the staph bacteria. This has been shown to decrease the risk of infection! Bleach odor wafting up from your bath may not sound as appealing as lavender, but it's not that bad. The amount of bleach needed is very little – only half a cup of bleach added to a full bathtub. I advise people to sit in this lukewarm to tepid bleach bath for 5-10 minutes, pat their skin dry, and then apply moisturizers and/or topical medicines as prescribed by their doctor.

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1. VaniCream Cleansing Bar (head-to-toe hypoallergenic, dermatologist-trusted skin cleansing for sensitive skin).
2. VaniCream (Hypoallergenic, richly moisturizing, somewhat heavy feel on the skin that comes from petrolatum).
3. Naturally Best Bar Soap (natural skin cleansing for the entire family. The natural soap making process preserves the deeply hydrating glycerin, making this my go-to cleanser for those wanting entirely natural skin care).
4. Natural Foaming Hand Cleanser (an easy rinse formula to keep at every sink where you wash your hands. Keep the pump container of the Natural Lotion right next to the Cleanser to moisturize your hands during the day after washing).
5. Natural Lotion (made with organic ingredients that are entirely botanically based and hypoallergenic. It is eco-friendly and has a light feel that absorbs nicely into the skin).
6. Natural Face and Body Butter (rich and soothing botanical ingredients that are entirely hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and deeply hydrating).