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Crepey Skin Shop by Condition

By Cynthia Bailey MD.

Get the best results treating your crepey skin when you use a complete skin care routine that targets the two main causes. Crepey skin happens due to excessive skin dryness and thinning due to sun damage and age. Build your complete routine to target creping anywhere on your skin:

  1. Cleanse using only non-drying soaps and skin cleansers.
  2. Correct skin thinning and dry skin scale using glycolic acid, retinoids, and exfoliation. Stop the cascade of skin thinning that starts from sun exposure by using sun screen and products with antioxidants, as well as retinoids.
  3. Hydrate with moisturizing creams and lotions matched for your skin type and the body area you are treating.
  4. Protect creping skin from the sun to prevent further skin thinning and help your body reverse what has occurred. Don’t underestimate the importance of sun protection as a cause of your skin creping because we know that most skin thinning happens due to sun damage, not the aging of your skin.

Find my products below to build your complete skin care routine to treat crepey skin anywhere on your body, whether it is on your face, arms, chest and neck, chin, the back of your hands, or your legs. If the creping skin is on your face and you wear makeup, remember that dusting mineral makeup on top of your sunscreen adds additional sun protection for your fragile skin to help prevent and reverse skin thinning.