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Cosmetics and Mineral Makeup

By Cynthia Bailey MD. This page was updated on Thu, Apr 16, 2020

It's time for a pick me up - add something fun and new to your makeup. I’m making it an easy ‘yes’ with a nice little sale. 


  • A super soft, cruelty free eco-friendly brush set.
  • The most gossamer- fine pure-mineral shimmery eye shadow and powder.
  • Pure mineral powder foundation - no fillers, dyes, fragrance or synthetic ingredients - simply the earth's beautiful minerals. 
I'm putting them on sale right now for a pick me up that's clean beauty committed and good for your skin. 

    I believe that makeup should be clean and free of chemicals, dyes and allergens.

    My mineral makeup is consciously crafted, stunningly simple, effortless and beautiful.

    dermatologist recommended mineral makeup

    A dermatologist, scientist and skin wellness expert brings a unique perspective to makeup. Here you’ll find no fillers, fluff, fragrance, toxic heavy metals or dyes – just earthly delights you feel 100% good about. Pure mineral makeups that help your sunscreen work even better - that's a smart choice too!

    Simple treats for your spring renewal + smart self-care + playful pleasures to shelter in place.

    A new eye makeup style or softer complexion thanks to lovely minerals from the earth and your new favorite little brush set – sweet, clean, new.

    Plan to reemerge a little different in many ways.

    My Hypoallergenic, Clean and Non-Toxic Cosmetic Collection 

    eco-friendly cruelty free makeup brush set

    Truly natural and clean makeup - as healthy for your skin as it is beautiful. My mineral makeup is made with a dermatologist’s scrutiny to be hypoallergenic and non-irritating for even the most sensitive skin – AND it’s beautiful!

    Gossamer fine, triple-milled mineral powders handcrafted with light refractive technology for a subtle shimmery finish.

    No fluff, fillers or senseless allergens – just pure chemical-free mineral powders in nontoxic and truly natural products, and a range to fit every complexion type.

    My mineral makeup is free from allergens, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, artificial dyes, phthalates, petro-chemicals, heavy metals or talc. Cruelty free and vegan too.

    pure mineral makeup clean eye shadow

    My cosmetic collection includes my mineral makeup products, my tinted mineral zinc oxide sunscreen, a shimmery lipstick with SPF 30 sun protection and a unique smear-proof mascara.

    This simple combination of products gives you broad spectrum anti-aging sun protection and a silky finish. Soften complexion flaws and enhance your natural beauty while protecting your complexion for years to come with the best dermatologist-approved sun protection technology.

    These are the highest quality professional products providing long lasting coverage that won’t clump or clog pores.

    What is the best way to use mineral makeup?

    The purpose of makeup is to create a look, hide complexion flaws, and enhance your facial features.

    Dr. Bailey's Complete Skin Care

    Use makeup on top of your complete skin care routine. Remember, Complete Skin Care involves the 4 essential skin care steps of,

    1. CLEANSE,
    2. CORRECT,
    3. HYDRATE
    4. PROTECT.

    The last step is PROTECT and that's your sunscreen. Makeup goes on top!

    As a dermatologist, I don't recommend makeup that tries to be sunscreen or a skin treatment product.

    I always cringe when I see makeup trying to be more than it is -- an acne treatment, a sunscreen, or infused with a magic ingredient to stimulate 'cell turnover' or 'nourish' all those dead cells on the outside of your skin. Multitasking makeup products typically fall short and your complexion will suffer.

    Most importantly, makeup that tries to be sunscreen is just plain scary; sun protection depends on putting enough product on, and you don't want to be limited by your aesthetic goals with your makeup. Tinted sunscreen is a much safer choice.

    Tinted sunscreens are sunscreens with a little color, not color with a little sunscreen!

    • The mineral sunscreens that I carry give you the broad spectrum mineral
      sun protection you need for anti-aging skin care, as well as for treating your uneven skin color and fighting skin cancer. The tinted products are a great base coat for under your makeup, or for giving you just enough tinting to soften complexion flaws without makeup. They look natural, not like makeup, when applied.
    • Dust mineral makeup on top of one of my sunscreens and you have an additional 'shield' of minerals to bounce UV rays off your skin before they wreak their havoc.

    How do you know what makeup routine is best for you?

    Your first step is to wear a mineral sunscreen every day under your makeup. I recommended Sheer Strength Pure Physical SPF 50+ Matte Sunscreen as a tinted matte mineral sunscreen. The matte technology will counter oily sheen throughout the day. This sunscreen is a great makeup base and the 4% iron oxide tinting technology blocks visible light too. 

    Your second step is to add a dusting of pure mineral powder over your sunscreen. I have three types of pure mineral foundation powders:

    clean non-toxic mineral powder foundation
    1. Baked (applied with a brush),
    2. Pressed (applied with a compact sponge),
    3. Loose (applied with a brush and containing kaolin clay to help absorb excess oil and prevent oily sheen during the day.

    Apply my beautiful Loose Mineral Blush  powder to add rosy vitality to your cheeks.

    I have beautiful mineral eye makeup in both baked and loose mineral powders. Know that a dusting of mineral eye makeup on top of your broad spectrum mineral sunscreen will add additional UV protection for this delicate and important area.

    The best way to avoid notorious allergens and heavy metals in makeup products is with my pure mineral makeup powders and hypoallergenic zinc oxide sunscreens. 

    Many makeup products contain unnecessary and notorious allergens – the fragrances and preservatives. As a dermatologist I cringe! It's smart to use hypoallergenic makeup because allergens are added for fluffy consumer appeal and not makeup performance.

    Mineral makeup particles will give your sunscreen a little extra help sun protecting your skin.

    Feel good about your complexion and enjoy your makeup routine -- it's an important part of your daily self-care. Like what you see in the mirror, and know you are using the best products for your all-around skin care when you add these fine mineral makeups on top of your complete skin care routine.

    The best eco-friendly and economically friendly cruelty free makeup brushes.

    eco friendly cruelty free makeup brushes

    I love this brush set. The fibers are so soft they remind me of snuggling with a soft bunny or kitten - and no cute animals were part of the softness. It's all animal free softness. The brushes also hold up to washing without losing brush fibers. I wash mine all the time and they last. My cruelty-free and eco-friendly brush set comes with their own cotton wrapped bundle. They are as soft and kind for your skin as they are for our planet.

    Love your makeup routine and trust that your skin is well protected with truly clean and smart makeup products. My passion is bringing you beautiful, healthy skin. I know that beauty follows self-care. Play a little. I’m making it easy with a little makeup sale.