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Complete Skin Care Kits

By Cynthia Bailey MD.

Dr. Bailey's Skin Care Kits

Complete Skin Care Kits

Get the best results from your skin care when you use compatible products that synergistically build results.

Disappointing results are often due to using products that counteract each other. Also you don’t want to skip an important skin care step that allows your routine to work its best.

As a dermatologist, I know the sweet spots of synergy in skin care routines. My kits cover those sweet spots for you. Use my experience to amp-up your results by choosing one of my kits to target your complexion and skin health goals.

My dermatologist-created skin care kits address the common skin problems where the synergy of your skin care routine counts including,

  • acne
  • aging skin concerns, including crepey skin and wrinkles
  • rosacea
  • melasma and facial skin pigment problems like sun damage
  • facial redness
  • facial seborrhea
  • chapped, dry and cracking hands
  • keratosis pilaris
  • crusty age spots
  • dry skin
  • thick heels and rough feet

Some of my kits offer Dr. Bailey's Complete Skin Care Routine (Cleanse, Correct, Hydrate, Protect). Others offer the key synergistic steps and let you fill in the rest from products you already have, or products you need to pick for your specific skin type (for example a facial moisturizer for dry versus oily skin, or a sunscreen that’s tinted versus un-tinted).

Let my dermatology training and 30+ years of experience unlock great results for you.

Did you know that in many cases your at-home skin care routine can work as well as prescription skin care and a trip to a dermatologist?

It's true! The key is to use THE right combination of products that get at the crux of a skin problem. My kits are designed by me, a dermatologist, to do that for you.