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Dermatologist's Advice

By Cynthia Bailey MD.

Dr. Bailey and her team of experts are committed to helping you have healthy and attractive skin. Find answers to your skin care questions throughout her web site:

  1. Dr. Bailey's Skin Care Tips & Advice Center
  2. Dr. Bailey's Health and Beauty Blog
  3. Dr. Bailey's Ebook Catalogue:
  4. On our product pages 

Dr. Bailey's site is filled with explanations to help you build a skin care routine that works. Use only the best scientifically proven ingredients in professional products that get results. Avoid ineffective products and marketing hype when you focus on physician-quality skin care. Most all of the information is written by Dr. Bailey herself. She loves to teach people about their skin. Her goal at Dr. Bailey Skin Care is to teach you what she has learned in over 30 years of practicing dermatology - scientifically proven skin care and years of experience are now available to help keep your skin healthy.

Know that you get the best results when you build a Complete Skin Care Routine that includes the 4 essential skin care steps which are:

  1. Cleanse to remove dirt and debris and prepare your skin for products that need to penetrate deeply into your skin
  2. Correct skin problems with products that work and that are compatible with each other
  3. Hydrate your skin to maintain optimal skin moisture for healthy and strong skin that resists skin problems
  4. Protect your skin from the sun, which causes skinthinning, skin aging, problems with uneven skin pigment, skin cancer and more

Find Dr. Bailey's products listed by these 4 skin care steps so that you can build a complete skin care routine that gets results.

We believe everyone can have healthy, comfortable, attractive skin with smart skin care - skin care created from only the best in science and nature.