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Ask Dr. Cynthia Bailey

By Cynthia Bailey MD.

I want to write about the skin care topics that you’re interested in. Send me your questions or ideas and see what a board certified dermatologist has to say on the topic. I choose from among the questions that I receive each month for my “Ask Dr. Bailey” column. Subscribe to the Dr. Bailey Skin Care Newsletter, which sends blog posts to your email box – your question may be there!

Send your general skin care questions and topic ideas to

Please note that I can’t make a specific diagnosis, give anyone individual therapeutic recommendations, or even discuss the specifics of your skin problems in the blog, by email or in any other way using the web. I can, however, use your question as the jump-off point for a general discussion of a skin care or skin health topic that is of interest to you and other readers.

Realize that your question and my discussion may be published in the “Ask Dr. Bailey” series of posts on my blog or other relevant places on the web site. Your email address will not appear with your question. What will appear is your question, and your first name and last initial. Your question may be abbreviated, or only part of it may be used for what I write. By sending me an email you acknowledge and agree to this.

Also, please understand that, unfortunately, time does not allow me to answer everyone’s questions. My staff and I choose from among those that I receive every month and pick the questions we feel have the broadest interest for our readers. If yours is chosen, you’ll find it here!

A last and important disclaimer: By sending me a question, you agree that this does not create a patient-physician relationship, nor is such a relationship created if I publish your question with my discussion on the subject. You agree and understand that my answers are for general informational purposes only and that I deem them of interest to my readers. They are not specific advice for any one person, including you. Again, my blog posts and writing, including questions and “answers,” are not intended to diagnose or treat specific medical conditions. For additional clarification, please read the full disclaimer at the bottom of this web site.