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Fighting Acne and the Effects of Aging

By Cynthia Bailey MD.

Combining acne treatments and anti-aging skin solutions is actually easy.

That's because many of the best products for acne also help reverse skin aging if you build them into a smart skin care routine.

Yes, many lucky people outgrow acne after the teenage years, but many others do not. Your skin's needs, and its tolerance to acne products, change with age, and customizing your skin care treatment routine needs to take that into account. The good news is that you are probably already doing some of what you need to also fight skin aging.

If you are still battling acne while you are trying to slow down the effects of aging on your skin, it will take mindfully adding and layering the right anti-aging products with some multi-tasking acne products to get the job done right. Build a Complete Skin Care Routine for both skin problems from the 4 essential skin care steps of

  1. Cleanse
  2. Correct
  3. Hydrate
  4. Protect

Your morning and evening routine may be different in order to get all the best ingredients onto your skin to fight both skin problems.

Your Morning Skin Care Routine

Step One: Cleanse

The first part of your morning acne treatment and anti-aging regimen is cleansing. Ideally, you want to use a Buf Puf Exfoliating Facial Sponge, the Clarisonic SMART Profile, or the Clarisonic MIA 2 Skin Cleansing Brush Systems to enhance the efficacy of your cleanser. Your cleanser options include:

Twice a week, alternate your regularcleanser with an exfoliating scrub such as my Bamboo and Clay Facial Exfoliating Scrub.


Many of these cleansers are beginning to correct both your acne and aging skin issues so you are really doing more than just skin cleansing when you use them.

Step Two: Correct

After cleaning, reload your skin with antioxidants (depleted by acne inflammation) with Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy. Then fight wrinkles and uneven pigment with professional levels of vitamin C with Vitamin C Anti-Wrinkle Professional Treatment Serum.



Step Three: Hydrate

If any areas of your face need a little extra hydration, use Daily Moisturizing Face Cream for Oily to Normal Skin.

Step Four: Protect

A key step in any anti-aging skin care routine is sun protection; 365 days a year you want to apply only the best broad spectrum sunscreen. This is not a place to skimp in your skin care budget. Know that modern skin care science now has elegant and invisible mineral sunscreens that give you the best protection to fight skin aging and hyperpigmentation from acne scars. Look for a product that won't clog your pores. The most popular products in my practice for acne and anti-aging skin care are Sheer Strength Pure Physical Sunscreen, Sheer Strength Pure Physical Spray Sunscreen and EltaMD UV SPF 46 Sunscreen.


Your Evening Skin Care Routine

Step One: Cleanse

It is really important to clean your skin again in the evening. Remove product, sebum, dead cells and dirt so that your evening products will be absorbed into your skin and pores to treat acne and fight skin aging.

The cleanser you use depends on your skin's tolerance and needs. Options include the products listed for morning use as well as Foaming Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Cleanser  if you can tolerate benzoyl peroxide.

Step Two: Correct

Next you need to chose your night treatment. You have 2 major decisions here because some of the best active ingredients are not compatible with each other - retinoids and benzoyl peroxide.

Retinoids such as prescription Retin A and non-prescription retinol such as my Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream are the absolute best acne and age fighting family of ingredients. You can combine them with glycolic acid products (also excellent for acne and skin aging issues) but I don't combine them with benzoyl peroxide. You therefore have a decision.

If pustules are a big problem you may want to use benzoyl peroxide. I have patients use my Benzoyl Peroxide Cream starting with the 2.5% and working up if needed. It is applied after washing with the Foaming Benzoyl Peroxide Cleanser or any of the other cleansers I mentioned. Alternatively the nightly treatment could utilize the entire Ultimate Acne Solutions Skin Care Kit which includes the Benzoyl Peroxide Cream.

If you want to focus on both acne and anti-aging then combine glycolic acid and a retinoid. Options for products will depend on your skin type but this is a great way to do some really important skin treatment while you sleep. The most popular combination is to apply my Glycolic Acid Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream (starting at 10% and working up to 15 then 20% over time) followed by my Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream.

People with really oily complexions prefer Glytone Lotion layered under my Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream.

If you are being treated with prescription tretinoin then ask your treating doctor how to incorporate the glycolic acidinto your nighttime skin care routine. In my practice I have my patients apply the glycolic acid product or a non-glycolic acid moisturizer, then they wait 15 minutes or more before they apply the Retin A right before retiring to bed for the night.

Step Three: Hydrate

Apply Daily Moisturizing Face Cream for Oily to Normal Skin to places on your face that need a little more hydration. If you have used Retin A or my Glycolic Acid Cream then you probably do not need an additional moisturizer as these products double function to hydrate skin.

If you notice a lot of redness after using your acne and/or anti-aging products then take a break for a few days and applying Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy twice a day to those areas. Be sure to put on the green tea therapy before applying your face cream. Always use your sunscreen during daylight hours.

Start Your Battle against Acne and Aging

Although acne is often associated with teen-age years, just because you have acne, it doesn't make your skin younger. If you are dealing with adult acne, you can fight acne and slow the effects of aging. Don't wait, start your treatment today. For more information on our products or to schedule a consultation, contact my office today.

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