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Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care

Prevent Winter's Itch (aka Dry Skin) Now with Dermatologist's Deeply Hydrating Moisturizers and Gentle Skin Cleansers

Cold weather is really hard on your skin. It starts in fall and 'snowballs' in winter (yes pun intended). It's the 'dry skin cycle' and a recent study at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine has shown that consistent use of daily moisturizer and gentle skin cleansers is highly effective at preventing dry skin.

Is your skin starting to get dry, flaking, rough and feeling tight or itchy?

It's the fall and winter dry skin cycle. It's even got a name - 'Winter's Itch'. You can protect yourself now by switching up your skin care.

Find my patient-proven and trusted winter skin care products to prevent dry skin below the article!

Why does your skin get dry in winter and fall?

Cold weather outside, and hot dehumidified air indoors, pull out skin water to damage your skin barrier. Important barrier lipids are lost and skin protein is damaged. It ‘snowballs’ metaphorically until chapped irritant dermatitis hurts, itches and leaves your skin inflamed.

I've got the right soaps, skin cleansers, moisturizers, face oils and serums to fend off winter's itch; keep hydrated, dewy and comfortable skin as the weather conspires to do otherwise! - Dr. Bailey

winter's itch prevention

Avoid the 5 big skin care mistakes that lead to winter itch and winter skin chapping:

Mistake #1: Using hot water and harsh soaps to shower and wash your hands.

Hot water strips skin oils. Add harsh soaps and you have the perfect storm for lost skin lipids. Hot water also fuels inflammation by increasing skin circulation. It’s why your skin is red after a hot shower. Turn your water temperature down and use only gentle soaps and skin cleansers during fall and winter. Rinse all soap residue off skin; retained soap residue pulls out lipids and will damage skin protein even after you have towel dried your skin.

Mistake #2: Not switching your moisturizers up in the winter to richer and more hydrating products.

Winter sucks the water right out of your skin. Damaged skin lipids and protein leave skin even more vulnerable.

  • treat winter dry skin
    Restore lost skin lipids. Choose a moisturizer with oils that helps restore lost lipids. Look for botanical oils and key ingredients that can step in for lost skin oils including jojoba, sunflower, avocado, kukui, castor seed, pomegranate, rosehip, coconut, ceramides and squalane. Butters such as shea and cocoa are also time-honored emollients.
  • Bind water inside your skin. Products with water binding ingredients help hold water inside your skin such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and sodium PCA (part of your skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor).
  • Enrich your facial moisturizer. Boost lipid content with a few drops of Booster Oil added to your facial moisturizer to help prevent seasonal facial dryness.

I've got the right products with the right combination of these key elements to fight winter dry skin.

Mistake #3: Not applying moisturizer correctly.

Moisturizers work best when applied within the magic 3 minutes after toweling skin dry to trap water that soaked into your skin while you bathed or washed. They also need to be applied morning and night. Chapped hands need moisturizer applied many times a day after washing.

Mistake #4: Forgetting to moisturize your lips often.

Lip skin has less barrier strength and chaps easily, as you have undoubtedly experienced in the past! Keep hypoallergenic lip balm handy, apply it throughout the day and at bedtime. Avoid allergens in lip balms that lead to chapping and ‘lip balm addiction’. Ingredients to avoid are camphor, menthol, fragrance and salicylic acid.

Dermatologist's tips to prevent winter dry chapped skin

Mistake #5: Exposing hands and face to the elements.

Harsh weather pulls water out of skin. Cover hands with gloves and as much of your face as possible with a scarf or facial muff.

Prevent dryness and keep your skin healthy this year.

Commit to the daily use of gentle skin cleansers and deeply hydrating moisturizers and prevent seasonal skin dryness. It's really that easy!

Best Moisturizers to Prevent Fall and Winter Dry Skin from Head to Toe for the Entire Family

prevent winter itch and dry skin

Natural moisturizers made with organic botanical oils. Keep one in the bathroom ready to be used when you step out of the shower.

  1. Natural Face, Hand and Body Lotion™. A natural lotion that is a favorite for the entire family. Works well on hairy skin too so men love it. My husband uses this every day after the shower!
  2. Natural Face and Body Butter Cream™. This rich butter deeply hydrates without ever feeling greasy on your skin. It's my personal favorite winter moisturizer.

Best Facial Moisturizer to Prevent Dry Skin

best face moisturizer to prevent dry face skin for winter

Moisturize your face twice a day after washing to prevent dry facial skin this winter.

  1. Daily Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry to Normal Skin™ My daily facial moisturizer for my 60-ish year old face. Light textured but rich in squalane and ceramides for state-of-the-art skin hydration.
  2. Daily Moisturizing Face Cream for Oily to Normal Skin™ This is the absolute favorite facial moisturizing cream for oily or acne prone complexions. Rich in squalane for deep hydration.

Best Hand Cream to Prevent Dry Hands

skin care travel products

Dry Skin Hand Cream™. A fall and winter essential that's made with ingredients specifically to heal and protect hand skin from dryness. I have a tube by every sink and have carried one in my lab coat pocket for years. My hands LOVE this cream.

Pro-tip: Keep this tube at your kitchen sink.

In my Dr. Bailey on the Go Kit I also give you a small travel container to refill and keep with you 'on the go' to moisturize your hands throughout your day.

Best Face Serums and Face Oils to Prevent Dry Fall and Winter Skin

Up your winter skin hydration strategy with these two dry skin game changers. 

  1. best face serum to fight dry winter skin
    Instantly Luminous Multi-Action Serum™ My skin craves this serum because it is loaded with water binding hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA and glycerin in just the right forms and ratios for the best results. Apply it right after washing your face and under your moisturizer. 
  2. Omega Enriched Face Booster Oil I drip a few drops into my nightly moisturizer to enhance skin lipid replenishment and barrier repair. 
best face oil for winter

Pro-tip: I apply my Omega Face Oil to the back of my hands and nails at bedtime. It also makes a highly effective beard oil to condition beard hair and fight seasonal beardruff!

Best Hand and Body Cleansers to Prevent Fall and Winter Chapping

Stock the house with the right gentle skin cleansers for every skin cleansing need. 

  1. all natural foaming hand soap for dry skin
    All Natural Foaming Liquid Hand Soap™ An easy rinse foaming hand cleanser made from a gentle formulation to prevent chapped hands. Stock every sink and never wash your hands with harsh soaps - ever! Certified organic, fragrance-free, all natural and safe for the entire family too!!
  2. Naturally Best Bar Soap for Dry Skin™ An all-natural general face and body bar soap for the entire family. I keep this in my shower and love it! Fragrance-free!
  3. All Natural Shower Gel My ultra-hypoallergenic shower gel is fragrance-free and phthalate-free. Stock every shower and bath to avoid the harsh and chemical-laden shower gels.
best facial cleanser for winter for dry skin

Best pH Balanced Gentle and Non-Drying Facial Cleanser for Healthy Winter Skin

Extremely Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser This gentle cleanser cleans dirt, oil, and product residue without over-drying delicate winter facial skin. It's my personal favorite facial cleanser.

Best Organic and Non-toxic Lip Balm to Heal and Prevent Chapped Lips

best lip balm for winter chapped lips

Natural Lip Balm Keep a tube of my truly natural lip balm everywhere and use it all day to keep your lips soft, healthy and comfortable all fall and winter. Brilliantly hypoallergenic to prevent 'addiction to lip balm'! I also apply it every night when I go to bed to hydrate my lips while I sleep.

Lip balm needs to be handy throughout the day so I've also included in my Dr. Bailey on the Go Kit - because I've got you covered.   

Prevent 'winter itch' and the 'dry skin cycle' by using the right gentle skin cleansers and richly hydrating moisturizers - it's really that simple.

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