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Winter Rejuvenation Me Time

winter rejuvenation skin care

Start a 'Me Time' rejuvenation product or routine and save up to 20%!

Use the short days of winter to finally conquer complexion dullness and pigment problems.

Watch the transformation begin when you either:

1. add a glow-boosting product to your existing routine or,

2. commit to one of my Complete Skin Care Routines for rejuvenation.

Have confidence you'll see results as my science backed products and professional routines deliver the ‘right stuff’. Watch your skin brighten up, smooth out, become softer and more even toned this winter. - Dr. Bailey

Yep....... It’s Me Time.

Brighten up winter by curling up cozy and warm and watching your skin transform in the mirror. 

Reset your complexion by adding a key product or by committing to one of my Professional Complete Skin Care Routines. I’m giving you the incentive.

Save up to 20% off my best rejuvenation kits and 15% off my top rejuvenation products.

Use coupon code METIME

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating