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Sun Guard Clothing Treatment

Sun Guard Clothing Treatment


Wash sun guard into clothing during a normal wash cycle and turn your garments into sun protection garments. Wearing sun protective clothing is essential for comprehensive, complete sun protection of your skin! 

Sun Guard Clothing Treatment

Sun Guard is a cost effective way to create your own sun protective wardrobe. The best, most complete - and smartest - sun protection includes wearing clothing that's capable of protecting your skin from the sun. Not all fabric does and most of what you wear in the summer doesn't! You can buy garments tested for sun protection or you can use SunGuard on what's already in your closet.

I used it on a linen shirt and it worked beautifully; it didn't change the texture of the fabric and I had complete protection. When you was SunGuard into a garment it's new sun protection power will last on average for 19 launderings. Add Sun Guard to a normal laundry cycle and have all the sun protective clothing you need for complete sun protection.


Sun Guard Clothing Treatment (1 oz.): Active Ingredient: Ciba Tinosorb FD. Contains: Sodium chloride and Nonionic Surfactants.