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Kid's Adventure Sun Hats

Kids Adventure Sun Hats

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UPF 50 dermatologist's approved sun protection for safe fun in the sun. 100% cotton, chin tie and practical colors that are ready for fun without fuss. Chose from: Olive with tan trim, Khaki with navy trim, Tan with navy trim, Navy with tan trim, Off white with light blue trim or pink trim. One size: 4-6x. Ideal for children with head sizes up to 20"


Hats create mobile shade, and that’s important!


Kids need to wear a real sun protection hat when they are om the sun. Many hats pretend to be sun hats and give you a false sense of security. Examples are hats made with mesh or fabric that’s not UPF 50, ball cap, or hats with brim that are too small to protect the precious facial skin of a child. Don’t be fooled


I want everyone perfectly sun protected and ready for fun outdoors. That means finding the right sun hats for everyone. 


3 requirements of a dermatologist recommended sun hat for kids?


  1. Sun protection hats for small children must have a full circumference brim of at least 2".
  2. The hat must completely cover the top of their scalp.
  3. The hat must be be made of UPF 50 material.


You can trust my hats to give your children's skin the best sun protection.


Did you know that the skin on the head and neck combined is the number one area at risk for skin cancer during a person’s lifetime?


It’s precious cutaneous ‘real estate’ that needs a lifetime of sun protection. The head, neck and facial skin is also the area that develops the most sun damage over the course of a person’s lifetime. Sun damage manifests as wrinkles, age spots, irregular pigmentation, and thin skin. Whether it is cancer or sun damage that motivates you, I want you and your children to become a "hat people". It’s just that important!


Why are the 3 elements of a Dermatologist Recommended Sun Protection Hat important?


1. A small child’s sun hat needs a full-circumference brim that measures AT MINIMUM 2 inches to protect the average child’s facial skin. The bigger the brim the better, but 2 inches is the minimum. Never, never never depend on a smaller brim or a front bill – I’ve seen too much sun damage and skin cancer on the sides of the face in people wearing these types of hats. They don’t provide sufficient shading UV protection.  


2. A proper sun hat must be made from a material that prevents the passage of UV rays to your skin. Most woven straw hats and all mesh-topped hats let UV rays through. Be sure your children wear only UPF 50 rated hats or hats that you absolutely cannot see any light through, such as leather hats. You can trust all of my UPF 50 hats to protect your family’s skin well.


3. A trustworthy sun hat needs to cover the top of your child’s scalp. Mesh topped hats and visors don’t cover the scalp. Even if your child has a lot of hair up there, I promise you that there are places on your scalp where the hair exposes skin to the sun from time to time. Skin cancer of the scalp is all too common and you don’t want your kids to get it someday so be certain their sun hat leaves no scalp exposed.


The best sun protection hats need to be practical!


I want your kids to love and use their sun hats often so I’ve selected kid-friendly hats that are:










Sun hats that serve you well are my goal!


I’ve priced the hats well so you buy them, use and abuse them and don’t worry about getting them dirty or spoiled with sweat and sunscreen. Buy more than one so if your kid looses their hat you’ve still got them covered. These tough hats are the perfect solution to creating mobile shade on the go.