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Dermatologist's Best Fall Skin Care for Glowing Skin

Support your skin as the weather changes and gently ease into this beautiful season. Start now to prevent the skin dryness that leads to winter chapping.

Can you feel the early signs of skin dryness?

  • Subtle roughness on the backs of your hands. Maybe a little chalky fine flaking when you view your skin in good lighting.
  • Dry lips that crave more lip balm.
  • Just a hint of facial skin tightness (not the good kind) and fine lines that are just a bit more noticeable.

It’s the change of seasons - the air is sucking moisture from your skin. Prevent it from snowballing (pun intended) into uncomfortably dry skin and chapping. Yes, I’ve noticed all of the above on my own skin and I am amping-up the daily skin hydration products that I’m using because I know this is the prelude to winter chapping.

Here’s what I’m doing to head off fall skin dryness:

Dermatologist's tips for the best skin care to prevent dry skin in the fall.

Survival Kit for Busy Hands: I’ve got new tubes of my miracle Dry Skin Hand Cream stocked in my purse and at every sink – AND I AM USING IT!! I am also being more careful not to get lazy and use harsh soaps to wash my hands. My gentle Foaming Hand Soap has been stocked AT EVERY SINK, even those I sometimes neglect. (Hint, this makes a great hostess gift for the holiday season.)


best products to prevent and heal dry hand skin


I’ve switched from my Natural Lotion to my Natural Face and Body Butter for after bath moisturizing and I boost the Butter with a few drops of my Omega Enriched Booster Oil for my face at bedtime. I rub any residual into my hands and cuticles.  I always sleep with my lip balm hydrating my delicate lip skin. My daytime routine has not changed but the drench of moisture after my evening bath is 911 care for my dryness-prone skin.  


Best face and body cream butter to prevent dry skin


best healing face oil for dry skin and dry beards


My daytime routine is a trusted Complete Skin Care Routine that fights dryness year-round and includes:

CLEANSE: Cleanse Zen

CORRECT: Layered up Besties plus Advanced Eye Cream


best dermatologist's fall skin cleanser for dry skinbest hyaluronic acid and antioxidant face productsbest fall and winter protection from dryness and sun damage

Not to be forgotten – MY FEET! They’re dry and I know where this is headed. Thick foot skin dries out with the change of weather leading to hard and cracked heels and callouses I’m tackling them with my Soft and Smooth Feet - Rough Skin Remover Kit BEFORE the callouses crack!

doctors tips to prevent cracked callouses and rough feet

As the seasons change so must your skin care. Prevent early skin dryness snowballing into chapping and cracking. It’s starting. Simple product swaps and a little TLC for your skin now will keep your skin comfortable and healthy as the seasons change.

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Move Flawlessly in Fall with Glowing Skin

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Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating