Lips are Back!

Masks are down, lips are out and my lip care tips will have yours looking great - plus you'll save 10%.

Dermatology and science-based lip care tips for reducing the appearance of lip lines fast plus conquering chronically chapped lips – two holy grail skin problems that hid undercover during the pandemic – but no more. 

Dr. B’s Fast Fix for Lip Lines:

  • AM: exfoliation with Triple Action Cleanser followed by the advanced water holding formula of Instantly Luminous Multi-Action Serum (to seriously plump out those lines) under your moisturizer and sunscreen.
  • PM: Apply Retinol Night Cream and top with Glycolic Acid Face Cream (or moisturizer if you have sensitive skin).

See results in your lip lines fast because brighter skin bounces light to lessen shadowing and plump lip lines create less shadowing for an overall softening of lip line appearance. Retinol and glycolic acid brighten skin too. More importantly, they work long term by stimulating collagen renewal to help reduce what nature otherwise has in mind for this common and frustrating wrinkle problem. - Dr. Bailey

Dr. B’s 'Cure' for Chronically Chapped Lips:

Kick the allergens in lip balms! Yep, common, hidden, and the cause of addiction to lip balm. Use my fragrance and allergen-free Natural Lip Balm to hydrate and Vani Care Lip Protectant when you need lip SPF. Stock these everywhere so you never use allergen loaded lip balms again.

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Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating