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Men’s Everyday Sun Protection Hat

Men’s Everyday Sun Protection Hat


High-performance, stylish, smart UPF 50 protection for your face, scalp, temples and ears. (Psst, may keep your dermatologist unemployed!)

Stop premature skin aging, help lower your risk of skin cancer, and fight crow’s feet with a real man’s sun hat.

Cool, stylish and comfortable because it’s made from Supplex ® with a COOLMAX ® sweatband and breathable metal crown vents.  Always a perfect and secure fit thanks to the sturdy, adjustable, brim cinch cord and metal toggle.

This high-performance hat looks good on every man. Just the right sloping brim to stylishly enhance your look while protecting your face and keeping you cool in the sun.  Well-constructed and well-priced because I want every man wearing a sun protection hat when they are in the sun. This trick really will take work away from your dermatologist – in a good way!!

  • 3 ½ “crown
  • 3 ½ “ sloping brim
  • Made of 100% Supplex ® Nylon
  • UPF 50+
  • Size-adjusting brim cinch cord
  • Metal crown vents
  • COOLMAX ® sweatband
  • Unlined