BHA/Salicylic Acid

BHA Salicylic Acid Products Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Salicylic acid is the BHA most commonly used in skin care – and for good reason. It is excellent at penetrating into oily pores to unclog pores and loosen blackheads. In fact, it helps all of your skin care ingredients penetrate better.

Salicylic is a keratolytic, like AHAs (glycolic acid), benzoyl peroxide and retinol. Keratolytics break up dead skin cells so that they can slough naturally. But, salicylic acids ‘super power’ among keratolytics is its ability to penetrate oil, including oily pores clogged with dead cells, debris, and microbes (such as the acne causing bacteria, mites and yeast). When you need deep pore cleaning, salicylic acid is the right tool for the job.

Salicylic acid is most commonly used in facial cleansers – the face being the prime real estate involved in clogged pores, sebaceous filaments and blackheads. Salicylic acid is a key ingredient in acne care toners, lotions and treatment pads. For many years in dermatology, salicylic acid has been a medicated ingredient in dandruff shampoos and psoriasis ointments to help break up thick flakes of skin. This tells you that it is a good exfoliant to get rid of rough and flakey skin.

My preference is to use salicylic acid in cleansers and toners. I treat acne with it and use it to brighten complexions and prevent clogged pores. All of your skin care ingredients will penetrate better on gently exfoliated skin with clean pores. You can see my salicylic acid products below including the full 2% medicated level of salicylic acid in Acne Treatment Pads and Foaming Acne Treatment Cleanser. Compare this to the 0.5% concentration in the Triple Action Cleanser where salicylic acid is combined with a full 10% glycolic acid and eco-friendly exfoliating beads – exfoliation in 3 ways to brighten skin and help to keep pores clear.

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