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Dry Skin Hand Cream
Dry Skin Hand Cream

Dry Skin Hand Cream™

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One of the dry skin remedies that I depend on for my skin care. Non-greasy protection and glycerin rich hydration that's convenient to use all day long.

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This is the absolute best hand lotion to keep my hands from becoming a chapped, painful mess. I keep a tube in my lab coat pocket and use it all day long. It's non-greasy, so I never have a slippery grip or leave hand lotion marks on my equipment.

Hand skin becomes chapped from frequent hand washing and exposure to harsh chemicals, detergent soaps, and weather. As a doctor, I wash my hands between every patient, which can cause extreme dry skin and chapping of my sensitive skin.

A hand cream that both heals and protects hands from chapping

The technology in this really good hand lotion holds water in your skin with glycerin. At the same time it provides a protective barrier by virtue of having just the right amount of dimethicone. To maintain healthy hand skin, you have to use a hand cream after washing numerous times a day. Dr. Bailey's Dry Skin Hand Cream leaves your hands hydrated but not greasy, so it's perfect for use all day long. It's an unscented hand cream making it a great men's hand cream too.

All of Dr. Bailey's products that I've purchased have been amazing, but this hand cream might be my favorite. I'm totally obsessed! It's deeply hydrating and makes my hands feel so incredibly soft. What I love most is that I've never found a hand cream before that is so completely non-greasy, I can't even tell I have it on. It's like wearing with weightless, invisible gloves. I can truly say, with confiden