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Clean, Green, Organic - Winter Skin Care Essentials

Clean, Green, Organic - Winter Skin Care Essentials

How to Have Great Skin in the Cold Months Ahead

As a dermatologist with over 30 years of clinical experience, I know for certain that there are two winter skin care must-haves:

1.    A facial booster oil

Facial skin is exposed to winter’s drying elements – both outdoors and indoors. Winter conspires to dry and dehydrate facial skin to the brink of irritant dermatitis and beyond. Deep restorative and protective hydration is essential to protect the skin’s lipid rich barrier. I’ve crafted my booster oils with this in mind. I created two: The first Face Booster Oil is ideal for ultra sensitive skin that has only the most hypoallergenic organic botanical oils. The second Omega Enriched Face Booster Oil includes the addition of omega enriched botanical oils. best healing face oil for red and dry skinbest natural facial booster oil   Both beautiful booster oils are priced at $40. Did you know that a facial booster oil can be used alone or mixed in the palm with your favorite moisturizer? doctor's best natural lotion for dry skinYep, for example, my affordable Natural Face and Body Lotion can be boosted for even deeper facial hydration when you add a few drops of Booster Oil. My booster oils are made from organic botanical oils rich in what skin specifically needs to restore and protect from winter damage. This includes: antioxidants, vitamins and naturally anti-inflammatory components like omega fatty acids. I created the formulas using my 30 years of experience in science, dermatology and skin wellness combined with my personal values for natural and organic ingredients. I source my oils from only the finest and most careful sources. This is because freshness, organic growing conditions and care in every aspect of the oil production process matters in both skin care and food production.

 2. A hypoallergenic lip balm

It’s essential to have a lip balm that can be applied over and over and over again, day and night, to protect lips from winter chapping. And, very importantly, fragile lips are prone to allergic cheilitis (allergy to foods and lip balm ingredients) which results in the common experience of being addicted to lip balm. doctor's best natural lip balm to heal chapped lipsI have given people the ideal option with my affordable, certified organic (not a cheap thing to do but it is important to know that what goes on the lips is really something you could eat) and simple lip balm. My All Natural Lip Balm is made from ingredients that deeply hydrate and protect AND it does not have any ingredients that are risky allergens.

Clean, green, organic and dermatologically sound – that’s a combo you don’t see every day!

Are you ready to fight the dryness of winter and have great skin and lips this season? Please click here for more information.