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How to Heal and Prevent Winter Chapped Lips

How to Heal and Prevent Winter Chapped Lips

Avoid dry, cracked lips this season

Winter climates will chap your lips unless you take action to prevent it. Once chapped, know how to heal chapped lips with the right lip care.

You’ve experienced it - winter wind and the temperature variations between cold outdoor air and dehydrated hot indoor air will invariably lead to chapped lips.

How can you prevent winter lip chapping?

Prevent lip chapping by frequently reapplying a hydrating and protecting balm. Keep your lip balm handy where you can reach for it over and over. Protecting ingredients include beeswax and dimethicone. They layer on your lip tenaciously to help prevent moisture loss from wind and blowing heated indoor air. Pick a product with oils too. This will help to keep lips supple and free from dryness.

The ideal lip balm is also food grade because you will end up ingesting the ingredients all day.

My Natural Lip Balm is certified organic. The first ingredient is olive oil! I’ve combined this with beeswax and castor bean oil. It is a simple, hypoallergenic and long lasting product in a convenient tube. Keep one everywhere you need so that reapplication is effortless.

You must use hypoallergenic lip products to prevent lip balm addiction

Lip balm ‘addiction’ is the cycle of allergens in lip balm products causing lip chapping that leads you to reach for more lip balm. The cycle goes on and on to the delight of the lip balm company.

As a teen, I was addicted to Carmex and didn’t know it. It contains menthol, camphor, phenol, lanolin, salicylic acid and “flavor”. That is one taunting lip product! As a dermatologist, I would not recommend using a product like this on delicate lips. Lips inherently have a fragile barrier and this stuff goes right through.

Use only hypoallergenic and natural products on your lips.

What are the most common allergens to avoid in lip balm products?
- Citrus
- Mint
- Cinnamon
- Lanolin (derived from wool)
- Artificial flavor or fragrance

What is the best way to protect lips when outside in winter?

When outdoors, use a protective lip balm that also contains mineral zinc oxide sunscreen as a UV filter. Only use broad spectrum SPF 30+ products.

VaniCream Lip Protectant Sunscreen is ideal. It contains zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and dimethicone to protect lips from UV and environmental chapping.

The best hypoallergenic and non-toxic lip balms to protect and heal chapped winter lips

Dr. Bailey Skin Care’s Natural Lip Balm is made from organic beeswax (to protect and seal) and organic botanical oils to hydrate and heal.

VaniCream Lip Protectant Sunscreen is hypoallergenic and protects lips with zinc oxide. 

Suntegrity Lip CPR Sunscreen is a beautiful shimmery lipstick that protects lips from UV damage too.

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