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elegant sun hat

Win A Free UPF 50 Sun Hat From Coolibar

elegant sun hat
The folks at Coolibar and I want you and your loved ones sun protected.  We’re always working to get you the info and products you need for the job....

and we want to make sun protection fun too!

That’s why we’re giving away a Coolibar hat on our Facebook page.  Yep, just cruise over and help us celebrate the opening of 'Sun Protection Season' with a' like' and a comment and you’re in the drawing. Next Monday, June 4th we pick a sun hat winner.  If you win, you get a new, stylish and functional sun hat from Coolibar.

Click here to learn more about the woman’s hat.

Click here to learn more about the men’s hat.

I love that Coolibar has generously offered these great sun hats just in time for summer, and you need one of them..... So, enter our drawing right now while you're thinking about it. 

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  2. and then write the one-liner comment on our timeline:
I want to sun protect my skin in 2012
On June 4th we'll pick a winner and I hope it's you! Now, you know that sun protection isn’t just a matter of wearing sunscreen, right? Even the FDA is requiring that juicy piece of info be printed on sunscreen products now.  You're going to be seeing this message more and more, and I'm very pleased. Sun protection is a lifestyle.  It means wearing a hat, wearing clothing to cover vulnerable skin, seeking the shade and not being out in the direct sun between the peak intensity hours of 10am to 2pm when you can help it. I also like to say that sun protection is a very worthy "shopping opportunity”.  It takes time to build a wardrobe of good looking sun protection clothing and hats that you feel like yourself in.  Coolibar is helping with this hat giveaway. And about sun hats, not just any hat works you know.  A sun hat needs to be broad brim measuring 3 inches or more and full circumference (sorry no ball caps).  Best if it’s even got a UPF rating for sun protection.  If you’re not already a ‘hat person', rest assured that once you get use to wearing sun hats you’ll be hooked.  And trust me, you can never have too many sun hats.  You need them everywhere, in your car, near the back door, fancy ones, grungy ones for exercising and gardening, different color ones, packable ones, and ones you love and just had to buy. Coolibar has great hats and we have great hats too.  We carry a ton of well-priced hats in the office so you can have all the hats you ‘need’.  (There's even more hats in the office than my husband and I have in our closet.) If you’re local, come on in and try them on.  We also carry a few really good packable sun hat options on our web site too.   Photo, Thanks and Gratitude to love Maegan