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wild flour bakery bread

Wild Flour Bakery-Amazing Artisan Bread and A Beautiful Drive

Wild Four Bakery in Sonoma County

Wild Flour Bakery in Sonoma County has the best artisan bread ever. The line of tourists and locals keep coming back for good reason. If you are in West Sonoma County on Friday through Monday, make the stop!

I’ve never had better bread anywhere in the world!

I love when amazing food is also healthy....

and Wild Flour is one of those places that's foodie nirvana for me.

I take just about all of my out of town guest to Wild Flour in Sonoma County. It's a destination that's 'not to be missed'.   I'm always recommending it to my out of town patients when they're looking for something unique to do while they're in Sebastopol.

Tourists from all over the country know about Wild Flour because the media’s found it, including CNN. Surprisingly though, it’s never overly crowded and it remains authentically local.

Wild Flour Bakery is in bucolic Freestone. The drive to the bakery is beautiful from every direction, but it’s even better to make the trip part of a little loop out to the coast or to the small town of Occidental.  It takes about 20 minutes to get there from Sebastopol, driving due west through beautiful countryside towards the ocean. It's important to know that the bakery is only open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The breads, scones, sticky buns and biscotti made at Wild Flour are hearty, organic and a baked in a WOOD FIRED BRICK OVEN! They bake their breads continuously and there’s always something hot coming out of the oven. If you time it right, you might get extra lucky and be there when one of the CHEESE BREADS are coming out and –oh boy- there’s hunks of warm cheese in hot fresh herbed bread and little crispy bits where the cheese escaped and hardened on the pan.  Nowhere have I had bread like this; I just can’t tell you how wonderful it is.  The same with the walnut sticky buns-crispy cinnamon sugar on the edge and tons swirled in the center-and it’s all organic.  Believe me, you're going to want to try everything, and the bakery staff are ready to let you; they have samples of all their breads cut up into little tastes and this bread tasting alone is worth the drive.

And this from me who rarely eats bread or cow dairy products (they don't agree with me), and walnuts give me hives-but at Wild Flour I throw caution to the wind; like a bear willing to brave the bees for the honey in their hive. I pick the walnuts out of the sticky buns, eat the hunks of cheese in the cheese bread, and I take my chances…. because it’s that good.

Last weekend we went out to the coast for a picnic at our favorite spot overlooking Goat Rock State Beach.  We stopped at Wild Flour to get a loaf of bread, which made a perfect 'sandwich' with artisan cured meats and Drunken Goat Cheese from Whole Foods.  (Accompanied by cold slaw and a glass of our Pinot noir)

wild flour bakery bread

After I took this photo, we had a visit from a very friendly raven hoping for a handout.

wild flour bakery picnic

Delicious food, beautiful scenery and entertaining wild life.  It was a lovely and easy get-away!