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Why Should You Add Broccoli Sprouts to Your Diet?

super foodsBroccoli sprouts are easy to add to your diet and they are a real dietary superhero for your body! Yep, broccoli sprouts. They're easy to make, are very affordable, and give you serious health benefits. I grow my own supply for a constant source. My husband and I stuff my sprouts into sandwiches, add them to salads, and sprinkle them on soups and warm dinner entrees. Why broccoli sprouts in particular?  Because broccoli contains the highest plant source of the anticancer compound called sulforaphane. And, broccoli sprouts are the ultimate sulforaphane family superhero. Sulforaphanes fight cancer and they are also an excellent phytonutrient to boost your liver's detoxification activities. The bottom line is that they are so good for you that adding them to your diet is bound to benefit your body. They also taste great. Want to learn more about why I'm such a broccoli sprout fan? Dr. Michael Greger of did two highly motivational videos on why sulforphanes are so good for you. I bet that if you watch the videos, you'll be sprouting in no time.
  1. The first video explains results from a study done a John's Hopkins that showed that the sulforphanes you get from eating broccoli really do reach your breast tissue in amounts that can actually help you fight breast cancer! Yep, this is a good thing that we all want.
  2. The second video is about the liver detoxification benefits of sulforaphanes. Like I said, it's motivating and it's why there are always broccoli sprouts sprouting in my kitchen!

Click here to see the video about sulforaphanes and breast cancer, Sulforaphane: From Broccoli To Breast.

Click here to see Dr. Greger's video on liver detoxification and sulforaphanes, The Best Detox.

I grow my own sprouts and it's easy. I've always got a jar of sprouts sprouting in my kitchen. And, for those of you who don't like the taste of broccoli, you'll still like the sprouts because they're much milder. How do you make your own broccoli sprouts? What you need to make your own DIY sprouts:
  1. A medium sized jar. (I use a quart-sized canning jar but a mayonnaise jar or pickle jar would do too.)
  2. A screen top.  You can buy one or you can cut fabric from a clean pair of old of nylon stockings and secure it to the jar using a rubber band to create a screen top. (I prefer this because it drains faster and I'm busy!)
  3. Broccoli sprouting seeds. Get them online or at your health food store.
To make sprouts:
  1. Put some seeds in the jar and soak them in water for 8 hours.
  2. Drain the seeds against the screen top and then lay the jar on its side in a nice corner of your kitchen that is out of the direct sun.
  3. Rinse and drain the sprouts twice a day.
  4. You'll have cheery little superhero sprouts in about 3 to 4 days!
We eat a jar of sprouts every few days which means that there's always a new sprout jar spouting on my kitchen counter.  
what do you need to make your own sprouts
Broccoli seeds and fenugreek seeds soaking in jars for 8 hours
screen tops for making sprouts
how to make sprouts
  Once you learn to love broccoli sprouts you might want to experiment with some other sprouts too. My favorites are lentils and fenugreek sprouts. The lentils are nutty and great on salads. The fenugreek sprouts have a delicate, but exotic, flavor that's delicious in a sandwich or on soup. Plus, for gardeners who go through winter gardening withdrawals, an indoor sprouting project gets out some of those pent up garden ya-yas! Happy sprouting!   For more of my dietary recommendations see the related post links below.   Photo Attribution