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Growing world demand for borage oil

Why is the world demand for borage oil growing?

World demand for borage oil is booming and will keep growing. The popularity of this herbal botanical essential oil is growing for good reason. Do you even know what borage oil is and what’s driving the demand?

I keep seeing reports of the global increase in demand for borage oil because I follow the skin care industry news. The numbers are surprising for the oil produced from the seeds of this unremarkable looking hairy little plant with striking blue flowers:

The growth in demand for borage oil is all tied to the fact that borage oil is the richest plant source of the gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which has known benefits to your skin. That’s why I’m telling you about it!

Borage oil is trending for good reason and I want to put it on your radar for the health of your complexion.

Learn what borage oil can do for your skin.

dermatologist tips for borage oil skin benefitsFind out how a dermatologist (me) recommends that you add borage oil to your skin care routine – simply. I’m a big borage oil fan and a big fan of combining high quality organic botanic ingredients into a results oriented high-tech skin care routine to maximize results. I want you to take good care of your body’s largest organ so that it can serve you well during your lifetime. Adding borage oil to your skin care routine is part of this – and it’s so easy and inexpensive to do.

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