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What's The Best Anti-Aging Skin Care?

Can you alter the future of your skin? Are the products you use today really different than what your grandmother used years ago? Can you actually stop time and hold your skin almost in place? Yes! In fact, you can even take your skin  backwards in time if you know what your doing. Thanks to science, we have amazing anti-aging skin care advances.  I help people take their skin off its aging trajectory all the time and it's so cool!

Here’s how anti-aging skin care stacks up right now

The best anti-aging skin care advances have been the development of ingredients that
  1. protect your skin from oxidation reactions-the chemical reactions that damage your skin and play a big role in skin aging
  2. stimulate your skin to make its own new collagen-the only meaningful way to really reverse wrinkles.
Antioxidants protect your skin from aging oxidation reactions Oxidation reactions are the free radical chemical reactions that damage the structures of your skin.   Ingredients that block oxidation are called anti-oxidants.  Today, for the first time ever, we have highly effective anti-oxidant products that can actually get into your skin from skin care products.  We also have good scientific proof that they work; proof that shows when you, a real person, use the products under real life conditions, you’ll see results.  This is the best sort of proof.  It's better than seeing chemical reactions in a test tube in the lab. The best of the best skin care anti-oxidant ingredients are green tea polyphenols and vitamin C. My favorites, and in my opinion the best products are:
  1. Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy - Replenix Power of Three Cream or Replenix CF Cream for green tea
  2. Professional Cell Repair Serum for vitamin C
UVA/UVB sunscreen blocks the UV rays that cause oxidation and free radicals in your skin. You need to block all of the aging UVA and UVB sun rays.  Today sunscreens can do this.  (Years ago, sunscreens just blocked UVB, but let wrinkle causing UVA through). Micro size zinc oxide is the only sunscreen ingredient that blocks all the UVA rays (to 400 nm).  It gives good UVB protection too (which is what the SPF tells you).  It's also incredibly long lasting giving the most reliable protection that rubs-on clear and feel nice on your skin.  You can easily wear it everyday, and you should!  By blocking UVA, as well as UVB, your sunscreen will fight the development of age spots, wrinkles, skin thinning and, yes, even skin cancers. The best of the best sunscreens contain micro sized zinc oxide My favorite sunscreens with micro zinc oxide:
  1. Citrix Sunscreen to wear everyday
  2. Solbar Zinc for sun protection during sweaty, active, wet activities
Building your own skin's collagen is how you reverse wrinkles Today this is actually possible!  You can do it with a skin care product, and day-after-day collagen construction adds up; it will send your skin back in time.  To do this though you need at least one of the powerful ingredients capable of stimulating collagen construction. These ingredients stimulate your own skin cells to make new collagen. They work under real life conditions (not just the laboratory test tube), and the results are visible when you look at your skin. They work best when started as soon as possible, so time is of the essence. To stimulate collagen construction with your skin care products, prescription tretinoin cream is the best.  Second is professional strength glycolic acid products (meaning with free acid content over 10% in an acid pH) and third is Vitamin C (10% or higher in an acid pH).  There are also new peptides that may work, but the scientific evidence is still preliminary.  As an added anti-aging bonus, tretinoin and glycolic acid also lighten age spots, refine course skin texture and create a luminous, light-throwing luster that's beautiful. The best of the best skin care ingredients to build collagen in your skin:
  1. Prescription tretinoin cream (Retin A, Renova and generic tretinoin)
  2. Glytone and Glycolic Acid Anti-Aging Face Cream 15%
  3. Professional Cell Repair Serum  with 15% vitamin C and TGF-beta (one of the new peptides)
You can have it all!

And you should - you'll get the best results.

What’s really exciting is our ability to combine all these anti-aging skin care advances in a way that's compatible.  The ingredients work synergistically when correctly combined.  It's what I’ve created with my Anti-Aging Anti-Oxidant Skin Care Kits The kits all contain Replenix CF Cream, Professional Cell Repair Serum, Citrix Sunscreen and Replenix Scrub for exfoliation. I've designed the Anti-Oxidant Kit to combine beautifully with either prescription tretinoin (from your doctor) or one of my glycolic acid products.  Use the tretinoin or glycolic acid at night to stimulate your collagen construction. If you have eye area issues add Replenix Eye Repair Cream, packed with every ingredient known to help the eyes area problems. Pick your cleanser and you'll have everything you need to take your skin backwards in time.
  1. Oily/tolerant skin: choose Glytone Mild Gel Wash
  2. Redness-prone skin choose Calming Zinc Soap
  3. Sensitive/Dry skin choose Toleriane Cleanser