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What’s the Best Sun Protection for Summer?

What’s the Best Sun Protection for Summer?

The best sun protection is sun protective clothing that you actually love to wear! As I type this, I’m wearing my new favorite zinc oxide Coolibar tee in case I have to go work in the garden. This tee is so nicely made that I even love to wear it indoors.

Summer Weight Fabrics Don’t Protect Skin Enough

As a dermatologist, I see the consequences of lightweight clothing all day. This includes skin littered with freckles and skin cancers. This is fixable with Coolibar. You also do not have to sacrifice fashion. Coolibar permeate and seals zinc oxide into fibers of great looking clothing. This is so much easier than wearing sunscreen! Cover yourself with Coolibar clothes and slather the sunscreen on uncovered skin. Browse the Coolibar clothing that fills my summer closet. My family, patients, and I have put this collection to the test and it works so well!

Coolibar Cools Better Than Sunscreen

Coolibar evaporates moisture from fabric. It feels like your own portable air conditioner. Take it from my former colleague Jess. She vacations at Lake Shasta with her family every summer. Lake Shasta is hot, has no shade, and is ground zero for sunburn. She says:
I was cooler at the Lake this year but the temperatures were the same. You were right, it’s those swim shirts. When they are wet and you're sitting at the table with the breeze drying your shirt, you are cooler as the fabric dries. I didn’t think it could be possible. - Jessica
I will always remember Jess her telling me this. Jess, you rock! Our paths regularly cross so my life is still blessed by her. Her quote is so spot on that I had to share it with you. Buy a swim shirt and see how much better you feel in the heat. You won't sunburn like everyone else and you won't have to reapply sunscreen. Let me be clear here; all sun protective fabric is not the same. Coolibar has the right technology. Go with them. Check out our new clothing page. Those who know me knew I would manage to weave fashion into my dermatology mission. Now if I can just find a reason to have amazing shoes on the site...any ideas??