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What is the Simplest Trick for Smooth Body Skin?

What is the Simplest Trick for Smooth Body Skin?

Dermatologist’s cheap and easy tip for soft skin fast.

Soft and smooth body skin is important – whether it’s because warm weather has you enjoying skimpy fashions, or for another more ‘personal’ reason – soft and smooth skin that is free from flaking, crusty bumps, acne, and other tactile and visual ‘distractions’ is something everyone wants.

How can you get it without being one of the lucky few who seem to have perfect skin gifted from the heavens at birth?

The most simple and economical tip for soft skin is physical exfoliation! Yep, exfoliation. Everyone but the young benefit from it.

The best cheap and easy way to exfoliate body skin is with a rough shower cloth.

Use a rough exfoliating shower cloth in the shower or bath with your favorite cleanser. This is a huge, and very affordable step towards soft, smooth skin free from crusty, bumpy and unwanted imperfections.

For under $10, this exfoliating shower cloth gives you soft, smooth skin.

Use it over and over at no additional cost – it’s brilliant and highly effective! The best shower cloth is the Salux Exfoliating Shower Cloth from Japan.

Why is an exfoliating shower cloth the best way to exfoliate body skin?

Wet skin plus a rough shower cloth and the lubricating effect of a nice soap or body wash provides the ideal sloughing of softened dead cell build-up. The lubricating effect of the soap or body wash helps to prevent scratching of the skin. The cloth exfoliates a wide expanse of skin evenly.

I prefer this method to exfoliating with body scrubs and polishes because they are often thick, oily and the physical exfoliating ingredient is often too large to evenly exfoliate. Plus, you can’t really reach your back and how much exfoliation do your palms need.

I’m practical. As a practical dermatologist, I like a shower cloth for body exfoliation. It’s also more economical, hypoallergenic and no eco-unfriendly beads to wash down the drain or oily slippery film on the bottom of the shower floor to clean up. Choose your cleanser to customize your exfoliation based on your skin’s needs – acne cleanser if you have Bacne, chemical exfoliating cleanser if you want to combine chemical (AHA/BHA) exfoliation with chemical exfoliation, or just a nice hypoallergenic soap or shower gel if you want to keep it simple.

See why I love this simple Salux Shower cloth in my latest video. In it, I also demonstrate how to use it for best results - you can’t miss that!

And, as a dermatologist, I have to recommend that everyone in the household needs their own. Don’t share. Plus, hang them up in the shower after use. Get everyone a different color to color code whose is whose. With this simple Salux Cloth, you’ve got a cheap and easy trick for smooth skin.

One last dermatologist’s tip for perfect skin: to prevent skin dryness, I always recommend you apply a good moisturizer after stepping out of the shower and toweling skin dry. This applies to whether you exfoliated or not. It’s the ideal routine for healthy, soft, smooth, dewy, and youthful skin at any age, no matter what skin roughness decoratively conspires to mar your otherwise perfect body skin.

My favorite product combos with the Salux Shower Cloth for perfect, soft, smooth body skin are:

Ultra-Fast Triple Action Body Smoothing Kit.
This is the most effective combo for soft skin with a weightless professional level glycolic acid moisturizer that never feels heavy. This kit improves KP (keratosis pilaris aka ‘chicken skin bumps’ on the arms and legs) too. It’s also the perfect prep for using a self-tanner (my favorite is Avene Self Tanner). I apply my self-tanner under the Glycolic Acid Body Lotion and get hydration and tanner application done all at once!

Back Acne Kit.
Treat back and chest acne with medicated acne treatment body washes that reduce both C. acnes (acne causing bacteria) and Pityrosporum yeast (a microbe that often plays a role in chest and body acne) plus the Salux Cloth that can reach the back while exfoliating. Know that exfoliation helps the medicated ingredients better penetrate skin suffering from acne.

Cheap, easy, highly effective - that’s how I - a dermatologist - describe the Salux Exfoliating Shower Cloth.

Check out the video below, and for more information the Salux Exfoliating Shower Cloth, click here.