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Dermatologist Advice for What is the Best Sunscreen

Dermatologist Advice for What is the Best Sunscreen

What is the Best Sunscreen for You?

Are you confused about sunscreens?

Have you seen conflicting information from experts, advertisements, on the web and in magazines?

It’s true, the topic is confusing. That’s because there is NO internationally-agreed-upon standard for measuring sunscreen quality – or even consensus on what that means! What is the best sunscreen?

I’ve been watching sunscreens work – or not – for 30+ years. As a busy, practicing dermatologist who specializes in skin cancer and sun damaged skin, I have had the honor of watching sunscreen success and failure in real life, with real people and under real conditions.

Patients have used products from our country here in the U.S., and they have used international products not available here. And, I’ve come to conclusions based on whose skin is saved from sun damage, who gets fewer skin cancers and who gets sunburned compared with who doesn’t when they use sunscreen.

I share what I’ve learned with you in my recent blog post. Thanks to my wonderful and very active patients, who love our California weather, and who also travel to even sunnier places – we’ve put sunscreen to the test.

I’ve done it personally, too, because my fair skin is right in there with that of my patients – exposed to the sun for hours and hours, day after day, even floating in bodies of water at the height of the worst UV-radiation hours on the equator, if I’m lucky. I’m not concerned because my sun protection works.

Let me share what I’ve learned with you so that you, too, can confidently take good care of your skin.

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