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What happens to your skin when you get sunburn and how do you treat it

What happens to your skin when you get sunburn and how do you treat it?

Dermatologist explains what really happens to your skin when you get a sunburn and how to treat it fast.

It’s summer and sunburn season, but.... do you know what happens to your skin when you get a sunburn and to treat it if it if you do? The weather is beautiful, you and your family and friends are going to enjoy the weather and that's a set-up for sunburns. What really is a sunburn? Understanding this will help you treat it to get relief fast.

No one sets out to get a sunburn but it happens anyway. The most common reasons are:

  • Not applying enough sunscreen
  • Not reapplying sunscreen
  • Missing areas of your skin with sunscreen, such as your scalp, tops of your feet, parts of your upper back and shoulders, ears etc.
who is at highest risk for sunburn

According to the CDC the highest risk age group for sunburning are people age 18 to 29. Almost 50% of people in this age group report a sunburn in the last year. The older people get, the less likely they are to have had a sunburn in the last year. It’s a curious fact – did they learn from their mistakes, are they outdoors less, do they wear more clothing???

childhood sunburns double your risk of melanoma

It’s important to prevent sunburn because the skin damage from even one blistering sunburn before the age of 18 doubles your risk of getting melanoma cancer in your lifetime. A sunburn is a radiation injury that damages skin structures. The devastating consequences of the damage may take years to show up, but the damage is there.

To prevent a sunburn, you need to understand how UVB and UVA differ in causing sunburn. I explain UVA and UVB in my free ebook. I tell you the difference between a UVA and a UVB tan (immediate and delayed pigment darkening, including the timing of these tans) – and this is really important. I help you understand some myths such as getting a tanning bed base tan for sunburn protection.

what happens to skin when sunburned and how to treat it and does a tanning bed help prevent it?

In my ebook, I also give you actionable treatment tips to help a sunburn heal should someone you love get sunburned. There are some effective ways to relieve the discomfort. There are even some great natural remedies for a sunburn.

what happens to your skin when you get sunburn and how do you treat it naturally with cucumber
what happens to your skin when sunburn and how do you treat it with aloe vera

Also in my ebook, learn some tricks to get a safe "tanned" look. It's what I do! And, I also give you tips to reduce damage to skin even after it has happened.

what happens to your skin when you get sunburn and how do you prevent it and treat it

My Sunburn Ebook is free – and just in time for summer. In fact, I’m posting this right before the July 4th holiday so you will be ready for the sun. Help your circle of family and friends take good care of their skin as you all step outside for the festivities!

I invite you to download my free 23 page Sunburn ebook. Click here. It includes a great infographic on sunburn treatment and another one on the signs of melanoma. It’s packed with everything you need to know about what happens to the skin when you get sunburned and how to prevent and treat it.

I have great kits and products to help you sun protect yourself and your family like a dermatologist. Click here to see the sun protection tools I use. See how I protect my family and what I've taught my patients to use for sun protection.

Download my free sunburn ebook today: Everything You Need to Know About Sunburns.

Wishing you a fun and sun-safe summer!!