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What Do Cancer, Diet and Acne Have in Common?

  Today many teenagers and adults have acne. But, did you know that, for the most part, acne is a modern disease of Western industrialized countries? If you have acne, it may be our “evolved” Western diet that’s causing your pimples. It's that same diet that also may be increasing your risk of getting cancer or one of the other epidemic diseases of modern life.  I want you to see this diet and acne video by Dr. Greger with his “hot-off-the-press” update on the the diet and acne connection. Dr. Greger is one of my favorite nutrition experts and his video offers a very clear explanation of how the food you eat can cause causes pimples.

Important Diet and Acne Video by Dr. Greger

What should you be eating – or not eating – to improve your acne?

That’s the big question and scientists are getting closer to having an answer – and a fascinating explanation for the link between diet and acne! The bottom line is that some of the basic building blocks of our modern diet drive a cascade of biochemical events in your body that lead to pimples – and cancer. Cut down on these foods and I predict that you’ll see an immediate improvement in your complexion, as well as a long-term benefit to your overall health.

So, what diet changes will help you fight acne with everything you can?

Dr. Greger makes a compelling case for rethinking your diet if you have acne.  I think his video is a must see for anyone troubled by pimples or for anyone that loves someone who is troubled by pimples. Plus, when you follow Dr. Greger’s advice and make these basic changes in your diet, you’ll get overall health benefits too including lowering your risk of horrible diseases like heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more. diet and acne: Dermatologist recommended acne treatment productsI've given my acne patients these dietary recommendations for a number of years now and I know that they work. In my dermatology practice, I still treat my acne patients’ skin with my Acne Treatment Kit skin care routine and prescription medicines when needed, but by addressing diet, I’m also giving them a comprehensive approach to cure their acne. It’s a complete approach that works.  
 “Love your products Dr! Monica S, NYC, NY  

Diet and Acne: What are the three key components for an anti-acne diet?

  1. Eat mostly foods that come from plants and cut down on foods that come from animals.
  2. Greatly reduce animal-derived dairy-based foods. (You can get calcium from plant-based foods, but you need to learn how to do that.)
  3. Cut out processed foods and “junk” foods with their high carbohydrate/sugar levels and bad fats.
It's radical and I admit it's not easy. I'm under no illusions about how difficult this is to accomplish in our modern, Western society. I don’t have acne, but these have been my dietary goals for years (for unrelated reasons). I aim for this mark and I’m gentle on myself when I miss it – and I brace for impact! In my experience, if you have acne, any movement you make towards a more plant-based, low-dairy, and low-junk-food diet will help your skin. Not convinced? Well, if nothing else, the information is thought provoking. Test it out. See if your acne gets worse when you have a bunch of dairy or junk foods. From what my patients tell me, their acne flares up in a day or two after a dietary lapse into heavily diary or junk foods. See if you have fewer pimples when you avoid these foods. By avoiding these foods for a month or two, you may find that your acne is easier to control overall. If you have any stories to share about diet and acne I'd love to here them.  Please post them in the comments section below.

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