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patrick amiot art

Visit Florence Avenue for a Walk, Delightful Art and a Great Meal-Very Sebastopol!

patrick amiot art sebastopolMy number one pick for what to do  in Sebastopol  is to take an art walk on Florence Avenue to see Patrick Amiot's sculptures then eating at the Peter Lowell's on the corner of Florence and Highway 116. I always do this with my out of town guests.

Patrick Amiots makes enormous, joyful, comic sculptures from found objects. He lives on Florence Avenue and most of his neighbors have one of his big sculptures in their front yard.   To visit Florence Avenue, park anywhere on Florence between Highway 116 and Wilton and walk those few blocks.  There's even some of his pieces on Huntley.   My dear friend Lorraine from Australia took photos of some of the Florence pieces when she visited me this summer:

patrick amiot artpatrick amiot sebastopolpatrick amiot art


Patrick Amiot is a real West County treasure and a proliferic artist.  If you keep your eyes open in Sebastopol, you'll see his work all over our town.

Peter Lowell's restaurant is right on the corner of Florence Avenue and Highway 116.  For me, Peter Lowell's really nails the Sebastopol food scene.  His biodynamic, local, organic ingredients come out of the 800 degree hearth oven and make my 'health nut' foody heart quiver!  My favorites are the macro bowl (which I never tire of) and his amazing thin crust pizzas.  The wines, coffee and teas are also organic, thoughtful, local and not to be missed either.  Take a look at the building that houses the restaurant.  It's a cool live/work project made from entirely green construction.  It represents the type of lifestyle that many Sebastopolians envision for our towns future.  The landscaping is particularily interesting to me as a gardener.

If you want a longer walk, you can cross the very busy Highway 116 and walk up Ellis Ct. to the West County/Rodota trail.  This paved bike path actually goes all the way from Forestville to Santa Rosa.  You can bring your dogs and give them a good workout too.  I recommend walking left until the trail meets on Highway 116 then turning back and walking until it hits High School Road.  That gives a nice little walk either before or after your meal at Peter Lowell's.

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