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dermatologist blogger

Trials of an unlikely blogger

dermatologist blogger Learning by Trial and Error - The Fall!

Today I lost my first post.

It was a nice little post. The writing ‘gods’ had smiled on me as I wrote it; it was succinct, flowed well and said what I wanted to say.

I got up early before work to write it and everything was going along nicely. I had the big idea to compose it directly in WordPress (the system I use to publish my blog) instead of starting as a Word document. Not being an experienced blogger, I thought that’s what experienced bloggers did. Well… was a mistake, WordPress ate my post - or it went somewhere in the system that I don't have the experience to find.

I did everything the same way I’ve done it before, but this time… poof, gone. I should have known something was up when I did a spell check and it said I had no spelling errors (anyone who knows me would know that’s impossible). I’m not a computer techie type so I asked a really experienced one to help me and sure enough, my nice little post is really gone. Unfortunately, so are the writing ‘gods’ and as I try to rewrite it after work all that comes out is awkward sentence structure and cumbersome vocabulary.

I’m a practicing dermatologist and an unlikely blogger. Speaking is easy for me, but writing takes work. It feels good to share my little WordPress misadventure. Another hurdle as I try to express as a blogger what comes so naturally for me in the office.

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