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Tips for Healthy Eating: How Healthy Eating Impacts Our Life

Tips for Healthy Eating from Dermatologist

Holiday goodies are everywhere about now. Should I or shouldn't I is always the question we have to grapple with when we face another tantalizing "dietary indiscretion."   To help fortify our healthy eating resolve, here are three really motivating blog posts that I want to bring to your attention. They are also good reminders for us as we contemplate our New Year's Resolutions for 2015. These are quick videos from my healthy eating hero, Dr. Michael Greger. If you are not following this doc's web posts, you should! I find him inspiring as I plan my family's meals and choose what snacks I'm going to eat during the day. As many of you know, my BRCA gene mutation makes me particularly prone to cancer, which I had this past year at the age of 55. I've been a healthy eater for years and can only imagine what my cancer-prone body would have succumbed to if I had been less diligent with my eating habits and health. You just never know what mystery a body holds. For those of us who plan our family's meals, it's good to fill our homes with health-protecting foods. The first video is Dr. Greger's post explaining why our fat may put us at risk for cancer. This is information we all need to remember as we push our grocery carts down the aisles or try to resist dipping into that tray of holiday cookies - again. Click here to see Caloric Restriction vs. Plant Based Diets. The second video is on broccoli. This little veggie has magic powers to help your liver clean up some of the eating misadventures you may fall prey to as your navigate through the holiday temptations. Broccoli for dinner anyone? Click here to see Prolonged Liver Function Enhancement from Broccoli. This third video may explain why we love garlic (or at least I do). This is a must see for anyone, like me, who has suffered from cancer, is prone to cancer, and/or cooks for someone who has cancer. Click here to see Cancer, Interrupted: Garlic and Flavonoids. So ... anyone up for organic broccoli sautéed in garlic and olive oil this week? If you have enjoyed these tips for healthy eating suggestions, thanks for sharing them.

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