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celebrity fashion beauty trend

The New Celebrity Fashion & Beauty Trend - Going Natural

Celebrity Fashion Beauty Trend

I love it! Bonnie Fuller, Editor in Chief of made my day on the Today Show this week when she said that the new big celebrity fashion and beauty trend is celebrities flaunting their natural beauty; going ‘au naturale’ in the media with untouched photos, minimal makeup and pride in being naturally beautiful.

Jessica Simpson, Demi Moore, Britney Spears - they're all doing it publicly and Bonnie Fuller says,

we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg with this trend!

Bonnie Fuller

I'm in nirvana; naturally beautiful is IN. Good skin care and healthy living are golden. Sedate me! I’m apoplectic. I’ve been about this for years.

Except for a rare few, being naturally beautiful, without a lot of makeup and tricks, only happens with a healthy lifestyle and smart skin care. I tell patients this all day, and I work at it myself. Now it’s in!

Celebrity fashion beauty trend for natural skin means healthy skin is in!

A patient of mine who’s a living example of this came in for an appointment just a few days before Bonnie Fuller's Today Show interview. This patient just turned 38 and she’s followed my skin care advice since she was 27-and-eleven years later her skin looks better than it did eleven years ago. She gave herself a birthday pedicure and the woman doing her nails couldn’t believe she was over 30. She looks years younger than her age because she’s been using my rejuvenating skin care recommendations every day for the last 11 years and she stopped the clock! She’s also a health-conscious, California girl living a healthy lifestyle which has a huge impact too.

So, how do we claim our natural beauty?

The 4 Essential Steps For Being Beautiful Naturally - that I've learned from my patients, my medical practice and life as a healthy living Californian.

Starting from the outside and working in, and with links to more in-depth information on my blog and web site:

  1. Rejuvenating skin care is a must. Your skin is the wrapping paper you show to the world and it makes or breaks your look. We now have super effective products that tune-up skin without surgery. The most effective combos for my patients:
  • Antioxidant Facial Skin Care with Glycolic Acid: This improves age spots and rough, wrinkled skin texture giving all skin types a more luminous and healthy look. Some antioxidants in particular are almost like ‘magic’ in how they protect, heal, and boost the skin's collagen-forming function. I've put the most effective products together in a kit and it's my absolute favorite skin care regimen available without a prescription.
  • Glycolic Acid Facial Skin Care: This improves age spots and rough, wrinkled texture for that luminous healthy glow.
  • Sunscreen! You can’t have meaningful skin rejuvenation without it.
  • Anti Aging Body skin Rejuvenation: Exfoliation and strong glycolic acid really make body skin soft, dewy and ready for revealing fashions or fake tanning lotions.

2. Exercise is a must. My personal fitness and diet formula is 150 min of cardio per week in three 50-minute segments, resistance weight work and balance/stretching exercise like with yoga.  A good workout takes years off your looks and is the instant fountain of youth.  Just tonight, when I came home from spinning class, my husband said, "wow, you look great and your skin looks amazing!" (Cardio gets him every time.)

3. Healthy diet is a must. This means a mostly plant-based diet of fresh, well-sourced food, almost no processed foods, moderate alcohol and no junk food. Pretty strict, but just look at your appearance after a junk food binge-it shows with a puffy sallow complexion, etc. Probiotic rich foods are also important because healthy digestion helps you absorb the good stuff from your food.

4. Managing stress is a must. OK, here I’m no pro. This is my growing edge. When you’re stressed, you look ‘stressed out’ and it’s not pretty. Find whatever it takes to help you gain inner tranquility; it may be yoga, meditation, prayer, walks in nature, full deep breaths throughout the day, time with friends-whatever it is, just do it on a regular basis. You’ll glow.

Going natural is a great trend. It gives us reasons to take really good care of ourselves because -

you can’t fake natural beauty and it's the style trend for 2010!

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