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The First 6 Month's Of My Skin Care Dermatology Blog

dermatology blog

I’ve been writing my dermatology blog now for a little over six months. I've written more than 60 blog posts and it’s a good time for me to reflect back on this new creative process to figure out where my blog should go from here.

Over these six months, my dermatology blog posts have evolved. Creating a credible source of dermatology quality skin care and skin health information has always been the biggest motivation for this project that I've undertaken. I've wanted to build it for my patients and those people searching the web for something other than commercial driven information. It's been an experiment and I never knew if it would catch on. The feedback I've received from readers, and the questions that non-patients submit to me for 'Ask Dr. Bailey' tell me that it has. You are shaping my choice of topics and post format. In looking back on what's worked really well and what's not grabbed either me or my readers, my conclusions are:

  1. I realize that I measure my blog content by how well it helps my patients take care of their skin at home. This helps me know that the information was actionable. I'm most pleased by the posts that teach and explain my skin care recommendations for the most common skin problems that I treat in my practice. I think my best blog posts are those that I repeatedly send patients to for reference, or for additional information on something we’re addressing in their office visit.
  2. I’ve also learned that for the most part, I need to keep the blog post topics short and concise; presenting information in easily-digested quick reads. My first blog entries were huge, covering a topic completely. That’s just too much, for both me and my readers. Letting go of the science writing and developing a more journalistic writing style is definitely a creative work-in-progress for me. For a gal that had a pocket protector in college, I’ve got some serious science baggage to sort through, but I’m giving it my complete attention.

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My goal for the second six months as a dermatologist blogger: concise, easy-reading posts that either help people take good care of their skin and their general health between doctor visits, or that provide a real dermatologist's opinion on popular skin care topics. I'll still throw in occasional posts for my out of town patients on what to do in Sebastopol, some posts on what's new in my office and occasional 'wild card 'posts just for fun. I love the comments from readers -- keep 'em comin' -- you shape the topics I write about.

Thanks for reading, I'm having fun blogging!

Warm Regards,

Cynthia Bailey MD

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