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The Best Sun Protection For Your Skin

A gentle reminder from the dermatologist: Sun protective clothing for travel Sun Protection swim suits Sun umbrellas Your skin deserves the best sun protection which means:
  1. Covering up, sunscreen alone isn't enough, and remember the fabric that most summer clothes are made from doesn't give you very good protection. For intense sun exposure, buy sun protective clothing or use SunGuard to make sun protective clothing from what's already in your closet.
  2. Create shade with hats and umbrellas.
  3. Use more than one strategy to keep the UV rays out of your skin.
  4. Apply only the best sunscreens and do it correctly!
Believe it or not you'll actually be cooler than if you expose your bare skin to the sun.  Enjoy the outdoors - safely! Photos: Thanks and gratitude to Annie Mole, Recoverling, Mike Baird