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The Best of Hypoallergenic Beauty: Product Picks for Sensitive Skin Users

beauty products for sensitive skin from Dermatologist Cynthia BaileyI have created and curated a line of skin care products for the sensitive skin patients in my dermatology practice. Fragrance and preservative ingredients and skin irritants are the biggest problems in beauty products for sensitive skin.

When evaluating a beauty product for sensitive skin, I start by reading product ingredients, selecting only products that are fragrance-free and that have gentle preservatives and no irritants. I then test them first on myself because I have extremely sensitive skin. If a product passes that test, I enlist patient volunteers with a range of sensitive skin issues. The result is a line of beauty and skin care products that has been medically scrutinized and tested for sensitive skin.

Here are my top beauty products for sensitive skin:

1) Suntegrity BB Cream for dry skin (doubles as moisturizer, anti-aging sunscreen, and foundation base) - I wear it daily. It looks so nice I even wear it if I go out at night. 5 2) MDSolar Sciences Tinted Cream for sensitive but oily skin. Like the Suntegrity functions as your anti-aging sunscreen and foundation base, this is also an excellent primer for makeup that also absorbs oil. 8 3) My mineral makeup collection is all hypoallergenic, natural and continues to be a favorite among patients: mineralmakeup1 4) It's important to know that your general skin care routine determines how sensitively your skin will react to your beauty care products such as your makeup.  This is because your skin care routine determines the integrity of your skin’s barrier strength. Pick your cleansers, moisturizers and other skin care products carefully for your sensitive skin.   Here is my dermatologic advice to help keep sensitive skin as ‘normal’ as possible. For more information on beauty products for sensitive skin or tips regarding cleansers, moisturizers and anti-aging recommendations for sensitive skin, you might also like some other articles that I've written specifically for people with sensitive skin: Best Sensitive Skin Care Tips from Dr. Bailey How Do You Treat Highly Sensitive Rosacea Skin? Sensitive Skin and the Clarisonic.