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The Best Facials in Sonoma County

The Best Facials in Sonoma County

The Best Facials in Sonoma CountyProfessional skin care makes a BIG difference to the face you ‘meet and greet’ your friends, relatives and the public with.....
  • tight empty pores,
  • no unfortunately located facial hairs,
  • no distracting blackheads or open milial cysts,
  • bright, light-throwing skin texture’s a complexion that pleases the eye and it's well within reach. It’s part of a put-together, well groomed look, and it's not limited to the ‘rich and famous’.  It’s what happens to your skin when you get facials and waxing or tweezing hair removal treatments by an aesthetician - and it’s affordable.

It’s also what I needed asap before my big upcoming holiday family reunion, which is why I made sure we booked time for me this week!

It’s been my goal for the past 3 years to build the best professional skin care services in Sonoma County and have them right here in my dermatology office. I’ve been working with a team of expert, detail oriented, caring aestheticians and I think we’ve got it!  I’ve been watching clients come out of the aesthetican room after their facial services and they look amazing. I always look forward to getting in there and getting my treatments too, which I did on Monday with MaLinda - yippee! I've been a 'spa junkie' for years and I have to say that we have the best facials and hair removal waxing treatments I’ve had anywhere, destination spa or local!

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Our aestheticians tweak their treatments to fit a person’s goals, which can change from treatment to treatment, like mine just did. Usually I want exfoliation, pore cleaning, middle age facial hair taming and brow waxing, all done on my super-sensitive RetinA treated skin.  I'm a pretty common type of client for my aesthetician and it requires top aesthetician skill; we’ve got this 'tight rope' type of treatment challenge dialed in. Monday, however, I needed more in the pore cleaning department without exfoliation because I’ve stopped my Retin A for my upcoming big, sunny family reunion trip (where that unattractively thick stratum corneum will be handy to help fend off the UV rays).  I’m seeing in-laws though that I rarely see, so I also want to look my best, all without my usual ‘leave no dead skin cell behind’ exfoliation strategy for a bright, light-throwing complexion.  To add to MaLinda's challenge, I’m super-jangled because leaving the office always means I have tons of stuff on my must-do-now list.  Facials are therapy for the psyche as well as for the skin so for MaLinda it was like an iron-chef challenge aesthetician style. Enter the aesthetician treatment room and MaLinda....... 80 minutes later I can cross off facial hair taming and clogged pore control from my personal pre-vacation goals.  The shoulder and neck massage, hand treatment with massage, aromatherapy and MaLinda’s expert treatment techniques reacquainted me with the ‘spa brain’ state that got me hooked as a spa junky years ago.  (A much less jangled me is something that both my husband and staff are sure to appreciate.) Plus, tight pores and a bright complexion (without exfoliation!) means I’m ready to show off well maintained facial skin to the family and friends that I rarely see. So, there’s lots of ways for us to have and maintain a beautiful complexion - one that we're proud of - including professional facials and hair removal treatments . You can book a treatment when your skin really needs a 'tune-up'. Even better is to come in at the recommended 6-8 week interval (what I do), which is that perfect amount of time for taming unruly hair growth and clogged pores. Aesthetician services are surprisingly affordable too, and they're a great de-stressor. We’ve made it our goal to have the best facials and professional skin care treatments in the North Bay. I can tell you that I'm sure we’ve done it, which is another reason that I love my job!

To schedule an appointment with MaLinda or Sarah call the office at 829-5778.

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