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The 4 Best Professional Skin Care Holiday Gift Ideas

The 4 Best Professional Skin Care Holiday Gift Ideas

Give a gift that no one else will think of and that will delight your recipient. Most people don't know about, or don't understand the powerful results that come from using the right professional skin care regimen.  Introduce someone special on your gift list to skin care that will earn you their genuine gratitude - turn them on to professional skin care. I've got just the right product combos to transform skin and solve frustrating skin problems for the people on your gift list.  Be the one to find that unique solution.  My regimens are affordable and make a much more thoughtful and surprising gift than the usual candle, slippers, chocolate or bottle of wine that you were going to fall back on again this year. It’s not too late either - we can ship your gift UPS 2 day air so that if you place your order by 2pm Pacific Standard Time your package will arrive by the 24th in the continental United States.  In the holiday spirit, I'm giving you 10% off your order through the 24th  by using coupon code GR8SKIN in the shopping cart.

Dr. Cynthia Bailey's Picks For The Best Professional Skin Care Gifts

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AHA Facial Skin Care Kits For Frustrating Facial Hyperpigmentation

Got an intimate friend or family member who you know is frustrated with lots of uneven facial skin pigment?  Age spots, melasma, and sun damage leave unyielding pigment that really impact a person's complexion unless a person uses the right products. Be the one that finds the miracle.  One of my glycolic acid facial kits may be just that and will thrill anyone frustrated with blotchy facial hyperpigmentation. I'd also add a Citrix sunscreen to your gift to help stop the sun from re-darkening all that pigment they lighten with these pretty darn magic products

AHA Facial Kits

facial glycolic acid kit for normal skin

Citrix Mineral Zinc Sunscreen to fight pigment darkening

citrix sunscreen

AHA Body Skin Care For Soft Smooth Skin

Soft, sexy skin is fun at any age.  I've got the kit that turns the usual dry, rough skin we all tolerate into new wonderful skin we'll all love.  The kit is called' Anti-Aging' but it works for anyone with rough skin (including keratosis pilaris, the rough bumps on the back of the arms of many teens and young adults).  Plus, everyone can use velvety elbows, soft hands and smooth calves. For those gift recipients that use self-tanner, this is also the ultimate product combo for the perfect self-tanner application.  Add the Avene Self tanner to your gift for folks who would have fun with evenly golden-bronze skin (minus the sun's aging rays).

Anti-Aging Body Skin Care Kit

Professional skin care for the body

Avene Self Tanner

avene professional self tanner

Facial Redness Relief Kits

Know someone who’s really frustrated with their facial redness?  My Redness Relief product combo is bar none the best regimen to soothe facial redness that I've found in my 25+ years of dermatology practice.  Thrill someone on your gift list who suffers this tough complexion problem.  Whether it’s rosacea, seborrhea, sun damage or even atopic eczema, these products have helped my patients.  I love their gratitude and you can have that too when you turn someone onto this skin care duo.

Facial Redness Relief Kits

Skin Care for Facial redness relief

A Gift Certificate For A Heavenly and Therapeutic Professional Facial

Until Jan 1 we’ll give your recipient a certificate for one of our $90 facials for the price of $75; you pay $75 and they get a $90 facial!   We wrap your gift certificate in a pretty little gift box too.  Check out our menu by clicking the link below then call the office at 707 829-5778 to purchase your gift certificates (maybe even one for yourself???!).

Heavenly & Therapeutic Facial Menu

professional skin care facials sebastopol

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