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desert island

The 3 Best Skin Care Tips for Personal Care

desert islandIf you asked me to pick the absolute highest "return-on-investment" steps for your daily skin care, what would they be?  For people whose time, money, and/or energy are limited, where do you get your greatest skin care ROI? I love this sort of question, the "if I were stranded on a desert island, what skin care products would I want to have?" sort of thinking.  Here they are.

Dermatologist's Top 3 Skin Care Picks for Maximum Personal Care ROI 

Tip #1:  Wear zinc oxide sunscreen on exposed skin 365 days a year. No matter what your daytime activities are you'll get some UV exposure.  You need to block summer's UVB and the all-year-around UVA rays that cause wrinkles, photoaging, uneven pigmentation, and skin cancer. I think zinc oxide is the best block for both of these rays. Zinc oxide products are now cosmetically elegant, and there is a perfect product to fit your skin type. Click here to find the zinc oxide products that I trust and use personally and in my practice.  Tip #2:  Moisturize your arms and legs after every shower. It's quick to do and it will keep your skin looking and feeling soft, supple, and young. This one skin care step counters the crusty, flaky, old-looking, crinkly skin that creeps up on us insidiously. The idea is that your skin soaks up water in the shower and you lock it in with the moisturizer. Use a hydrating cream, lotion, or a body butter, and apply it within a few minutes after toweling your skin dry. Make it easy by keeping your moisturizer on your bathroom counter - it will take less than a minute to apply and it will transform your skin. Tip #3:  Treat visible facial skin problems because they show. Whether we like it or not, people “judge books by their covers.” That includes the first impression you make, facial complexion and all. Rashes such as rosacea, acne, and facial dandruff show. If you have a complexion problem, identify it, get the right skin care products to address it, and make them the basis of your daily skin care routine. It’s easy to treat the most common skin problems once you have the right skin care products. For rosacea, dry scaly facial dandruff, and red face problems try my Redness Relief Kit.

Best Facial Redness relief skin care products

For adult acne use my Glycolic Acid AHA Facial Skin Care Kit for Oily Skin.

dermatologist recommended best products for adult acne

For wrinkles, uneven pigment, and anti-aging skin concerns use my Antioxidant Kit with AHA matched for your skin type.

Dermatologist's best anti-aging skin care products

For teen acne or acne vulgaris, use my Ultimate Acne Solutions Kit.

Dermatologist's best acne treatment skin care products

Granted, on that beam-me-up beautiful desert island, tips 2 and 3 might not be as much of a priority. In the here-and-now of your modern social life, however, complexion matters, and tips 2 and 3 have serious ROI.

Photo: Thanks and gratitude to Darren-Johnson