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Thank You Dear Readers

Your comments and gratitude keep me blogging. I love writing my blog posts and I'm thrilled when I hear that you like reading them.  25 years of dermatology practice go into each of my blog posts.  Sharing that experience is nice, but knowing I'm actually helping you is what makes it fun!  I enjoy sitting down to write a post to you, and it's funny because I never really liked writing before.   I'm actually surprised by the whole thing to be honest.  I've absolutely never considered myself a writer but I guess that I'm one now. When my readers thank me, I relish it.  Knowing you’re there and getting your feedback rocks, especially when it’s positive!  I say this because I just received a lovely and to the point 'thank you' email from a reader. In the subject line all she said was “Thank you”.  In the body of the email she said:
I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your blog.  It's so useful--and I forward it on to friends both near and far.  Keep it coming! Carol W
Thank you Carol for letting me know.  I want to tell you how much I appreciate your 'thank you' and that it's what keeps my blogging.  Here are some of the other wonderful 'thank yous' I’ve received recently..... they 'float my writing boat'!:
I wanted to thank you for the very useful information on your website. I recently went to visit a dermatologist in the UK with my rosacea complaints.  The information I could find on your website was a million times more useful. Barbara C
First and foremost your blog topics are some of the best I have read and I share them with my team at ETSIS (Escaping The Sun In Style) at our weekly meetings.  I just finished reading your Blog "Start The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Now and See Results in The New Year" which is by far the best article (on the subject) that I have ever read. Your writing efforts and research are greatly appreciated by my staff. You are one of our 'go to' sites now! Devra
I admire your work and you have helped my rosacea a lot. Thank you so much for your help and keep up your amazing work for those of us who suffer from conditions like dandruff and rosacea - you have tried to make a difference. Marc F
I appreciate so much that with all the demands on your time, you still manage to do this blog.  Thank you and kudos!....... Thanks, and again, you're an inspiration with your industriousness (work, a blog, gardening, sports, etc.)  Ariana D
These tips are SO helpful and, for me, even lifesaving. I have lupus, which ramped up seven years ago after a Caribbean vacation. Wow, was I ever clueless. I read about sun protection, but dear Dr. Bailey, no one provides recommendations with as much clarity and detail as you. I carry my Detecto Ring with me, and now know when I am in UV, and I always wondered how much protection I might need in the water and now, finally, I know. Thank you. I was your patient in San Diego 20 years ago and you are still the best (and nicest and most fun) dermatologist I ever met!!!  Ernestine
Thank you again for another great Blog. I get so confused with all the products out there and this clarifies everything for me. Your Blogs are always so informative and because I know you as a doctor, I also know how knowledgeable and diligent you are in your research. I look forward to each and every Blog that you publish. I trust all the content. Please keep this great information coming.  Kathy
Thanks so much for doing this. I read a lot of blogs on all sorts of subjects, and yours in truly substantive. I’ve also bought several of your products, and they are as good as the blog (which is why I’m a repeat customer). There is so much skin-care nonsense out there. I appreciate getting practical, accurate information.  Martha
Dear Readers, Thank you for your gratitude and kind words.  Yes, like many other doctors, I have a full time medical practice.  Now I blog 'on the side'.  We doctors are slow to join social media for a variety of reasons, some even debate whether we should participate at all.  I think it's a good idea and I've jumped in with both feet.  I know that some people learn better by hearing information BUT others learn better by reading it. It means that we doctors need to get credible health and wellness information onto the web where you can read it.  For me, knowing that I'm helping you take good care of your skin makes each post worth the time and effort that I put into it.....BUT, hearing from you makes it fun!  Thanks for the feedback. Warm Regards, Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist and Blogger Photo Attribution Link