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Sun Protective Clothing and Hats: Inspiration From History

I love being creative and fashionable with sun protective clothing and hats and I'm always looking for new ideas.

Every UV ray that missed its direct hit on your skin is a good thing. Think of UV rays as little missiles; use shade, awnings, umbrellas, hats, sunglasses, clothing and what ever else you can think of to cut down on the direct UV hits to your skin. Apply sunscreen to the skin you can't, or won't, cover. I prefer the mineral sunscreens (with micro-sized zinc oxide in 5% or higher concentration) that coat your skin with a shield of little particles to deflect, instead of absorb, the UV rays. The Sun Protection category of my blog is filled with dermatologically sound, scientific and practical sun protection information.

These beautiful masterpieces capture bygone fashions that would have provided good sun protection and kept these people's skin looking young and fabulous. Only in the last century has it been trendy to tan -- and we're learning our lesson quickly. Sun protection inspiration from history (minus the corsets):

I'd love to know what creative sun protection ideas have you found helpful. Please add them as comments or send them to me using the 'Contact Dr. Bailey' form in the top left margin of my blog page.

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Photos: Freeparking, Nrico