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Explaining why Summer Sun Rays are Worse

Dermatologist Explains Why The Sun’s Rays Are Worse for You in Summer

How Bad Can Those Summer Sun Rays Be?

You’ve seen it before... epic summer sunburns with red, tender, peeling. Memorial weekend is just around the corner. Learn why it's more important than ever to be aware of the lethal summer sun. sunburn and summer sun rays

Is it because you’re out more and wearing less clothing?

Or, are the rays really that much different than in the winter?

What about the rays during your tropical equatorial vacations?

How about at high altitude, even in mountains? Are the rays different, or is it just your clothing and longer time outside that causes sunburns?

I answer these questions in my latest video here.

When you know what makes sun more or less intense, you can take control and be exactly and perfectly prepared. Lots of fun... no burn. Yep. You can be that person who gets it all – AND has great skin for a lifetime.

Check out the video here, and let me know what you think.