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ETSIS sun hats

Summer Sun Hat Giveaway!

ETSIS sun hatsWe’re giving away an ETSIS hat on our Facebook page. This is an amazing hat - you've got to enter the drawing!  An ETSIS hat is like no other – it’s glamorous at the same time it's brilliant. When I wear mine people ask me if I’m a movie star, really, they honestly do. Yes we get famous people here in the wine country, but it’s the ETSIS hat that looks famous because that’s the only time I’m ever asked that question.

ETSIS stands for Escaping The Sun In Style - and with an ETSIS hat you do. 

Devra, the founder of ETSIS, lives in Hawaii where you sun protect or wrinkle fast - there’s no other choice. Her hats put the glam into sun protection with their soft and luxurious built-in side panels. These stylishly cover your cheeks and tie under your chin. You can even loop the tie around your neck. It's this brilliant design that saves the skin on the sides of your cheeks and neck from sun damage. I know from skin exams that even many of the best sun hats don’t shade adequately here, and the sun damage shows. The ETSIS look is flattering look too, and it’s why people assume I’m a movie star when I wear the hat. We’re partnering with ETSIS to give away the "super glam" black ETSIS EasyEscape sun protection hat for women with its patent pending SunEscape Protection Panels. (It's the same hat as pictured here, but in black). It's good looking, practical, and would be a great sun hat for you to have. It has a 4-1/2’’ brim with ribbed stitching and an outer drawstring feature for sizing. This is the perfect sun hat for daily activities such as gardening, dog walking, shopping, or a picnic at the beach - and, trust me, you'll be asked if you’re a movie star. ETSIS hats can also be worn around your shoulders for hands-free ease when you're indoors, and that's a nice look too - brilliant, glamorous, practical, and patent pending sun protection, and you can win one! Here’s what you do:
  1. Click here to check out the ETSIS website to see ways to wear this ingenious hat and see what I'm talking about.
  2. Visit the ETSIS’s Facebook page because they’re great folks and part of the online sun protection community that helps to get the sun protection and skin cancer message out to people. I'd like you to know about them and "meet" them.
  3. Click here to visit our Dr. Bailey Skin Care Facebook page so you can enter our drawing. You have to click to "Like us" (if you haven't already), then write in the comment box "I want to Escape the Sun in Style."  That's it, you're in and we pick a winner on Monday July 30, and I hope it's you!
This awesome hat with its brilliant panels is worth about $80 – and trust me, when you wear you're ETSIS hat you're going to be asked if you're a movie star... let the adventure begin.