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Summer Skin Skin Exposure latest scientific information

Summer Skin Sun Exposure; Latest Scientific Information

It’s the Dog Days of Summer and, as always, the pros and cons of skin sun exposure are a common topic of discussion. It’s always a hot topic in my dermatology practice and on my website. Sun feels great, being in the sun is something most of us love – should we expose our skin to the sun, and if so, why or why not?

I've updated 4 important articles with the latest scientific information on this hot summer topic. Click the links below and get the facts; be ready for discussions and decisions before you encounter them and take good care of your skin and health in these glorious Dog Days of Summer.

Do you need to get sun exposure for your vitamin D?

summer skin sun exposure vitamin D and sun exposureI always hear great reasons for throwing caution to the wind and get a tan. The most common is that we need vitamin D from the sun to be healthy. Let me explain why that’s not true so that you can be prepared next time someone uses that to chide you into sitting with them in the sun because you need to for healthy vitamin D levels.


Do you need a sunscreen that blocks infrared?

summer skin sun exposure sunscreen that blocks infraredThen there are the new sun protection trends that have more to do with marketing and sales than science such as sunscreens that protect you from infrared rays. Believe me, if something is bad for skin, I’m on it. Read what my latest study of the scientific literature on the topic has concluded regarding infrared waves and your skin.


Scientific proof that daily use of sunscreen prevents skin aging

summer skin sun exposure scientific proof daily sunscreen use prevents skin agingDoes bothering with daily sunscreen really keep your skin looking younger? If so, what sunscreen is the best. I keep up on this too and, of course, care passionately about the topic. Click here to read why wearing broad spectrum sun protection keeps our skin looking younger than the folks who don’t bother.



Skin cancer prevention and risk reduction - from a dermatologist that's specialized in skin cancer and sun damaged skin for over 30 years.

summer skin sun exposure skin cancer prevention and risk reductionLastly, do you have a spot that’s changing and are you a little worried. During the COVID misadventure, it’s harder to get into see dermatologists. Refine what you know about melanoma and skin cancer in my newly updated post on this important subject. It’s not all depressing, it talks about antioxidants too, and it's worth a click and read.