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Summer Skin Problem Fixes: Too Much Sun

Summer Skin Problem Fixes: Too Much Sun

Are You Often Uncomfortable In The Summer Sun?

best UV blocking travel sun umbrellaEver been out in the blazing hot rays and longed for a reprieve? Do you find tender sunburned skin the next day and feel a sting of regret? The fix: a real sun umbrella. Take control of the shade with an umbrella that totally blocks and absorbs the sun’s rays so they don’t heat you up and burn your skin.

Why Is a ‘Real’ Umbrella Better Than A Rain Umbrella Or Paper Parasol?

These other umbrellas don’t block enough UV or heat rays. It’s still sunny and hot underneath them. A ‘real’ sun umbrella is made of a material that does not allow UV rays to pass. It even absorbs rays bouncing up off the ground. The result is astounding comfort and sun safety, even when you are stuck in the direct sun. I’ve carried my real sun umbrella all over the world. Family and friends initially give me that “really?” look, until they are baking away in the direct sun, sweat running down their skin. I invite them into my shade. It’s much better under the umbrella.
Dr. Bailey touring in Athens
Dr. Bailey and her daughter on a garden tour (Dr. B is wearing Coolibar SPF tee and Sun Protection gloves too)


My sun umbrella fits in my carry bags and most purses. The wind flap helps prevent inversion in the strongest breezes. When the umbrella does invert, I just point it into the wind and it flips right back (aka abuse, but it’s about me, not the umbrella).

The only downside to using a sun umbrella during summer is that I have to be careful not to poke people in the head. I’ve gotten the hang of just raising it above head level and walking on. I’m greeted by little smirks and smiles and have met nice folks that I offer my shade to when using this little wonder. I’m obsessed with it because it’s served me so well. The problem of too much direct sun solved: a ‘real’ sun umbrella. You still need sunscreen because rays will bounce off cement, sand, and rock, and aim for you. We want no UV rays penetrating your precious skin.

Sun Protection Bottom Line

Cover as much skin as possible with sun protective clothing then A.S.K:
  1. Apply zinc oxide sunscreen
  2. Seek and create shade (umbrella comes in here, as do hats and glasses and shade from structures)
  3. Know your UV risk – bouncing rays are everywhere when the sun is up and the summer sun is more UV intense.
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Sun Protection Infographic Bonus: Check out Dr Bailey's Sun Protection infographic for more handy tips!