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dermatologist's summer garden

Summer Garden Love and Gardening Skin Care Tips from The Dermatologist

dermatologist's summer gardenThis time of year, when I'm not working in the office I'm in my garden. From flowers to fruit and veggies, I'm in gardener nirvana in the summer. My idea of bliss is:
  • watching dew-covered plants awaken as the morning fog gives way to sun
  • coming home from a day at the office, picking perfectly ripe tomatoes or plums still warm from the afternoon sun, and eating them right on the spot!
It's August and I'm loving it! I just took some nice garden pictures and I want to share them with you! This summer, I even got some new garden-bed improvements that I'm so excited about. My husband made me the most wonderful tomato planter boxes complete with a permanent support structure and my pole beans will be easily harvested from inside my new bean tunnel - what a guy!!

Here's some of what's up in my summer garden right now. 

hydrangea photo
Tomato bed and support trellis
support growing tomatoes
Pole Bean Support Trellis Tunnel
romano pole beans germinating in the garden
Tomato flower
purple potato flowers
sunflower and blue skin in the summer garden
painted lady pole bean flower
bees on lavender with asparagus in background
bees on tithonia
bees on raspberries
bees on flowers
                Oh yeah, my summer garden is buzzing and producing. And, I'm in there all weekend long and as much as possible before and after work. Being a dermatologist, all this gardening has given me ample opportunity to master the challenge of functional sun protection and gardener's hand care. See what I've learned to keep my skin healthy while I spend hours in the California sun with my hands in the soil. Click here to read my hand care post titled

Best Hand Care For Gardeners

Follow my sun-protection tips to protect your skin as the hours quickly pass as you busily tending your garden.

Dermatologist's 5 Sun-Protection Tips for (Us) Gardeners:

Tip #1

Wear a broad brimmed a good sun hats

Tip #2

Cover as much skin as possible with sun-protective clothing.

Tip #3

Keep the garden gloves on as much as possible to protect the backs of your hands, but use a tenacious water-resistant sunscreen, like Raw Elements, on the backs of your hands too because you know you're going to take those gloves off for some gardening tasks.  Be sure to reapply your sunscreen during the day too.

Tip #4

Solbar Zinc Sunscreen New PackagingCover what skin you can't cover with one of my water-resistant zinc oxide sunscreens and reapply it every several hours. Personally, I use Citrix Sunscreen or Solbar Zinc Sunscreen and I carry the Raw Elements Eco Stick in my gardening overalls to reapply during the day.

Tip #5

As much as possible, try to plan your gardening tasks to follow the shade as the sun moves.

I'd love to hear what's up in your garden this year!  Happy gardening!