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Spring Skin Care To Do List Part 3

Spring Skin Care To Do List #3

Is your skin ready for the season?

Spring is here! You can feel it and see it - birds, blossoms, bees, bright days, and busy awakening feelings inside each of us calling us to go outside and see it all. Activities, self care and skin care all transition with the season. I love the process of emerging from winter into spring, and I love doing it mindfully, relishing the steps.

This is the final post in our awakening transition to spring. In the prior two weeks we went over the following 6 steps:

  1. Getting serious about sunscreen.
  2. Loosening up our body and spirit with yoga.
  3. Exfoliating away flakey dull dead skin, covered for months by winter clothing, and dry from cold windy outside weather and dehumidified and heated indoor air.
  4. Boosting our skin’s antioxidant reserve to avoid damaging free radicals produced from the UV rays and environmental stressors that we yearn to greet.
  5. Consolidating and reorganizing our skin care routine to what’s really important for spring.
  6. And then, going outside to revel in the beauty and activity of spring, giving in to our own yearnings to be in the midst of it.

What’s left in this mindful and lovely transition is to:

7. Lighten up makeup.

Pure mineral powder is the ideal spring makeup solution. It lightly softens complexion shine from little beads of sweat or excess oil as the weather warms. It beautifully tops sunscreens, allowing you to create the aesthetic appearance you want without compromising your sun protection and the other important skin care steps of Correct and Hydrate. Pure mineral makeup powder products also allow you to avoid fragrance, chemicals and preservatives that can cause allergic reactions or other potential problems. It’s a key product for Minimalist Skin Care - the perfect skin care theme for spring.

My Mineral Makeup is pure, made without fluff, filler or chemicals. It is finely milled to avoid clumping and flaking, while at the same time providing excellent and long lasting coverage. I include just a hint of mica to give you a luminous complexion that matches spring.

My Loose Powder contains just the right amount of kaolin to absorb oil for oily complexions.

My Baked Minerals dust on your skin in a gossamer fine layer with a brush.

My Pressed Minerals are ideal for those who like to apply makeup with a sponge.

Blush powder, eye shadows, eco-friendly travel brush set, blinc no-smear mascara, and Suntegrity’s natural lipstick with pure zinc oxide SPF 30 round out a very simple collection of pure makeup essentials.

8. Rethink food.

The flavors of spring are ambrosial and light. Spring onions, for example, are delicate and delicious eaten raw in salads compared to the harsher flavor of the stored onions that are available all year. Spring asparagus, especially from a farmer’s market, isn’t even the same veg as asparagus flown in from distant lands and available 365 days a year. Snap and snow peas, and spring’s first lettuce are the same. After cozy and heavy winter comfort foods, the flavors of spring awaken the taste buds with their sprightly flavors. Enjoy them in abundance - they are healthy and packed with vitality-building compounds!

Look for the freshest spring veggies at your grocer or the farmer’s market – asparagus, peas, early spring lettuce, spring onions. Let the comfort-food flavors of winter give way to the fresh flavors of spring. It feels different to eat spring’s foods. The flavors of spring are as fresh as spring itself. Let spring’s veggies find your plate, and transition fully with the season.

Welcome spring! We’ve mindfully transitioned from winter to this lovely, fresh and vigorous season.

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