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Spring Forward to Great Summer Skin

Spring Forward to Great Summer Skin

Are you ready for warm weather + skin exposing clothes?

There is ample time to get your skin in good shape for summer! Act now to erase rough skin and back acne. For some added motivation, I'm offering 15% off on highly effective, dermatologist-created skin care routines that help you achieve:
  • soft, sandal-ready feet,
  • smooth arms and legs,
  • reduction in crusty barnacles, and
  • quick improvement in back acne.
Don’t be embarrassed by these frustrating skin problems this summer. Choose the kit below that fits your need. Start treatment now, so you see visible improvements by summer!

Soft Sandal Ready Feet

  This is a treatment routine I created for many of my patients who suffer with cracked heels and rough + scaly feet. My Rough Foot Skin Kit is a fast fix. I also depend on this kit to keep my feet presentable in flip flops and cute summer sandals.  

Smooth Arms and Legs

Do away with dry flakes, crinkly arm and leg texture + lighten dark age spots with my AHA Body Kit. I've used this treatment in my practice for decades, and now you can choose from 2 options: Both kits include the Salux Shower Cloth to polish and soften your skin.
  • Reduce Crusty Age Barnacles
These growths are embarrassing in swim suits and breezy scoop neck tops. The same AHA Body Kit will polish and release the cells in these growths, making them less hard crusty. The kits often eliminate the growths too. Use the kit at least twice a week to maintain results and help prevent new growths.

Back Acne

Back acne can spoil things! Sun dresses, swim suits, prom dresses and tank tops all display acne in full view when it’s on your chest and back. Intervene with this proven combo of medicated cleansers in the Back Acne Kit. Don't let embarrassing skin issues dictate your wardrobe in beautiful weather. Spring forward with doctor-created skin care routines that give you smooth, healthy summer skin that you can beam about.  

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*valid until 5/31/2017