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spring hats Easter and memories

Spring, Hats, Easter and Memories

Easter is important to me for many reasons.

Sun hats and sun umbrella dermatologist recommended

Professionally, it marks the beginning of sunny weather in the Northern Hemisphere, and I start work on the sun protection message. That message includes sun hats, which bring me back to thinking about Easter because I loved getting, and wearing, a pretty Easter hat when I was a little girl. And as an adult, it's still fun to buy a new hat this time of year. Heck, I sometimes get a new sun umbrella too. You can see that here, my daughter are well protected at a garden tour.

I also love thinking about spring, Easter and the impending sunny weather.

According to, Easter, the Spring Equinox, and Passover are all sort of interrelated, with eggs weaving in and out of all three. Easter, the holiday, moves around. It falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. (Definitely implies a pre-Christian hand in the holiday if you ask me.)

Officially, Easter Sunday is an important Christian holiday that celebrates Christ’s resurrection. The name may have been derived from the name of a pagan goddess of spring and fertility (Eostre). The Spanish, French and Italian names for Easter are Pascua, Paques and Pasqua, which are derived from the Greek and Latin words for Passover. That’s because Jesus’ crucifixion occurred when he went to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. It’s all woven together, and I love that.

Eggs weave their way through the holiday in varied ways, too.

spring sun protection hats easter and memories

“The egg was a symbol of rebirth of the earth in pre-Christian celebrations of spring.” Early Christians used it as a symbol for the resurrection of Jesus. A hard-cooked egg is also part of the symbolic items on a Passover Seder Plate. Decorating them has been a creative treat for me since I was a kid.

I love celebrating spring with ritual and meaning. I have many vivid memories that come back to me as trees begin to blossom in beautiful pastel colors set against cerulean blue sky and bright, chartreuse spring grass. As a dermatologist, it always brings me back to finding hats and sun protection that work well for spring weather and match springy colors. This season helps us celebrate nature’s promise of rebirth and beauty that is everywhere in spring.

The rituals of spring started for me when I was a little girl.  

When my Grandma Anne was alive, she always bought me a new spring hat and princess-pretty pinafore dress for Easter. Pink was my favorite color, and the dresses I remember were a pale pink. On Easter, we would go to church and then have an Easter egg hunt. I loved running around her small garden in my fancy pinafore hunting for eggs and candy. I have more vivid memories of Easter than I do of Christmas – probably because I got to dress up in pink and hunt for pretty treasures. Fundamentally, I haven’t changed much.

The Easter hats I remember were white. They always had a nice little sun protecting brim and were decorated with little fabric flowers and a bow. I felt really special in my Easter hat. Hats and the little white gloves that I also got for Easter were great sun protection. My maternal step-grandmother, Anne, was responsible for the prettiness of our Easter ritual. 

She loved pinafores, tea cups, fancy Sunday brunches, pastel stuffed animals, and Easter. I was her first and only granddaughter, and she and I loved Easter together. Grandma Anne died when I was 5. Easter egg hunts continued, but no one in the family picked up her love for the girly prettiness of Easter. I did though.

As soon as I had a house and kids of my own, I rekindled the tradition. 

I’d be sure my kids had something springy to wear for Easter. We would color the eggs together during the week before Easter and then set them out for the Easter bunny to hide. (My kids are still good “helpers” to this day). 

I’d supplement our pretty eggs with pretty Easter candy that I would put into little bags tied with ribbon to hide around our garden. My husband and I would get up at the crack of dawn on Easter to do the hiding – tromping around the long spring grass on our country property and ending up with shoes soggy from morning dew. I’d set out new Easter baskets on our kitchen stoop, and when the kids woke up, they were so excited. My two kids loved it! 

I would have to keep inventory of what we’d hidden to be sure we did not leave too many eggs and candy bags behind for the dogs to find later, because they would.

After our hunt, we all cook a brunch together. My son Frank, the youngest, was always tasked with making freshly-squeezed orange juice. He would be so proud of his big pitcher, and we served the juice in pretty glasses. My daughter Misha helped my husband and me with either scrambled eggs and bacon (not our normal diet) or a frittata.

We’d also treat ourselves to pastry from a lovely, local pastry shop. Our brunch was always pretty, with a pastel table cloth and fresh spring flowers from the garden on the table.

When my kids grew up, they didn’t want to stop the Easter egg hunt. For several years, they put an egg hunt on for my husband and I. Yes, I sure did like that... a chance to be a kid again like when my Grandma Anne was alive! When my kids are in town, we still all make brunch together, Frank proudly and sentimentally on the OJ and the rest of us at the stove or setting the table.

The pretty colors of spring and the ritual of a garden hunt for pastel eggs and sweets is a favorite memory for me.

As a dermatologist, I channel some of that into my sun hat collection for you. I want to be certain you have hat colors that give you pleasure, that you can’t resist and that you will enjoy wearing as the spring sun intensifies into summer.

Know that wearing a good sun hat on a sunny day is a really good sun-protection strategy for your skin. Your sun hat needs a full circumference brim measuring 3 to 5 inches, and full scalp protection made of UPF 50 fabric.

I’ve found the perfect sun hats for you, and my team stocks a nice range of colors at great pricing – because I want you to say "yes" to hats, wear them, love them, and think about how good you are being to your facial skin.

dermatologist recommended upf 50 sun hats
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Know that even with a hat, you need facial sunscreen because UV rays bounce off the ground up onto your shaded skin.

For your spring activities, whether it's an egg hunt, garden tour or just being outside without any other purpose than to enjoy spring, I recommend you wear a good sun hat and zinc oxide sunscreen.

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Treat yourself now to good sun protection supplies – including sun hats – and you’ll be ready as spring transitions into summer.

Cheers, and wishing you all the promises of spring!