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2 Most Important Tips to Soothe Winter Dry Skin

2 Most Important Tips to Soothe Winter Dry Skin

Dermatologist's Top Insights to Heal Dry, Chapped Skin This Season

How Do You Soothe Winter Dry Skin?

Tip #1. Wash your skin without stripping skin oils. Use only gentle soaps, and don’t wash your skin with extra hot water. Harsh soaps and hot water strip too much of your natural skin oils… just like they clean greasy pots and pans better than warm water and mild soap. Use gentle soaps like SYNDETS (synthetic detergents) or naturally-made soaps that are rich in glycerin. SYNDETS are pH balanced and include products like VaniSoap, Dove, Cetaphil, etc. Natural soaps include options like our Naturally Best Bar Soap for Dry Skin™ and our All Natural Lavender Foaming Hand Soap best gentle and natural all purpose bath and body soapbest hand soap to heal chapped skin in winter   Tip #2. It’s important to use a moisturizer regularly. Always apply a good moisturizer right after toweling skin dry after washing. Applying moisturizer to dry skin is not nearly as effective. Moisturizers are made from watery ingredients, oily ingredients and water binding ingredients (humectants) like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, etc. Pick a product you like, and use it after every shower or bath, after washing your face and often after washing your hands. The more oil ingredients and humectants, the better. Look for those listed as some of the first ingredients in a product. During winter, it’s best not to use moisturizers where water is listed as a first ingredient. My top overall choices are my Natural Lotion and Natural Butter. Both are made with organic ingredients and can be used from head to toe. They are also great hand creams to heal chapped hands. Don't forget to moisturize your lips too. My favorite product is my Certified Organic Hypoallergenic Lip Balm - hypoallergenic so you don't get addicted to lip balm! best natural moisturizer for dry winter skinBody butter, smooth skin, chapped skin, all-naturaldoctor's best natural lip balm to heal chapped lips Want to learn more about having healthy, glowing skin this winter season?

Check out my Advice Page on Dry Skin Care for more information.