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what is dehydrated skin?

Do You Have Dehydrated Skin?

Do you know how to tell if your skin is dehydrated or dry, and how to fix it?

Water in your skin contributes to its plumpness and suppleness. This contributes to the look and feel of your skin. The water content of your skin will ebb and flow quickly. Learn how to use this to your advantage with our latest scientific understanding of skin physiology.

In my new Skin Advice Page I explain what the optimal ambient environmental humidity in the air is for ideal skin hydration.

I tell you how to prevent skin dehydration when you are in conditions that draw moisturizer out of your skin and into the air. I also explain how to pick products that help prevent skin dehydration. Lastly, I help you to understand the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin so that you can help your skin stay healthy.

Check out my new advice page on how to prevent skin hydration here.